Building RIA Applications with JavaFX

e-Zest is one of the early adopter of JavaFX technology for it’s client’s RIA applications & products. e-Zest works closely with Oracle JavaFX team for product features, support & road-map. We are proud to be leader in JavaFX platform adoption & expertise. e-Zest is key  contributor for JavaFX open-source community and built JavaFX calender control which is available on Jfxtras. Also we are in process of contributing more innovative components to JavaFX community.

JavaFX is the next step in the evolution of Java as a rich client platform. It is designed to provide a lightweight, hardware-accelerated Java UI platform for large-scale data-driven enterprise business applications. With JavaFX, developers can preserve existing investments by reusing Java libraries in their applications. They can even access native system capabilities, or seamlessly connect to server-based middleware applications.

JavaFX is a rich client platform for building cross-device applications and content. Designed to enable easy creation and deployment of rich internet applications (RIAs) with immersive media and content, the JavaFX platform ensures that RIAs look and behave consistently across diverse form factors and devices. JavaFX provides tight integration with Java and Java EE technologies around it.

Some of the key advantages of JavaFX RIA include

  • Maximizes developer productivity
  • Zero loss of functionality across devices
  • Requires less code
  • Ensures faster development cycles
  • Provides an intuitive language design
  • Preserve investment in Java

At e-Zest we have used JavaFX to simply and swiftly combine graphics and media assets to unleash their creative potential with significantly reduced effort. We have utilized JavaFX unified development and deployment model for building rich client applications that integrate rich immersive media such as audio and video, graphics, rich text and web services. JavaFX enabled us to program in a visual context thus helping to bring customer product and solution ideas to life quicker and better.

We offer following services on JavaFX :

  • JavaFX RIA Enterprise Application development
  • JavaFX Professional Services
  • JavaFX Architecture consulting