Linux operating system, proved to be a revolution in operating system design starting from the release of the very first version up to Linus Torvalds latest offering.

Linux is fast, efficient and stable and so has given birth to the Open Source code development community.The biggest advantage of having open source code based software development is that the Total Cost of Ownership is very low since there is No cost of Licensing the software development tools that are used for the development, Nor there are hidden costs, No shipping, Deployment charges, Its all FREE

As the open source software development is steadily getting better, the development of the application based on this Open standard free software is catching the attention of many software analysts and consultants.

e-Zest puts full trust on the open-source community. The open source code based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by e-Zest. We have developed e-Commerce frameworks based on the software environments like PHP and PostgreSQL.

Extensively used MySQL with Perl, PHP for quick web application developments.

Web Authorization software was developed by e-Zest using Perl, Samba server with the backend as MySQL.

e-Zest has configured Q-mail and sendmail APIs with the Linux 7, 7.1, 6.22 servers and accessing the e-mail using utilities like Pine and mail forwarding like utilities were used.

By serving open source software development clients over the years, e-Zest has now developed the expertise of Remote server administration, Remote installation of Linux, Unix based software.

Experience of third party integration using the server scripting languages. Setting up the merchant account using the merchant software APIs, configuring the SSL certificates from ISPs, Setting up the system for online money transfer.

Administrating the Apache Server with the proper security settings, access privileges to users and files.

Implemented RSA Encryption algorithms and few encryption libraries like 3DES, Blowfish.

Setup configuration and implementation of SSL, and providing securities and denying the access to the sensitive data.

Berkeley TCP/ IP based Socket programming for the transfer of the Data in proprietary encrypted format.

e-Zest offers following PHP services: