Many of our custom designed web applications are created using PHP. PHP is a server-side cross-platform, HTML-embedded scripting language used to create dynamic web pages from the data provided.

PHP and MySQL / PostgreSQL Development:

PHP is the UNIX/LINUX counterpart of Active Server Pages that is more robust and far faster than “.asp”. Pages are generated quicker because scripts are processed on the server before they are sent out to your browser.

e-Zest employ highly skilled professionals with many years of programming experience to build high quality PHP MySQL/PostgreSQL based web applications which are prompt and reliable performance based application.

PHP in e-Zest:

From PHP3 to PHP4 e-Zest has successfully upgraded and managed the technological change like change in cURL library, compatibility issues with outside classes and greater flexibility in adding new APIs and functions.

With PHP 5 now, e-Zest is well upgraded with the change in new XML toolkit i.e. libXML2, which is more efficient and is providing rich features. PHP 5 has now significantly improved the performance and security with a better object oriented model for robust object oriented programming.

MySQL in e-Zest:

e-Zest understands the technological change from MySQL3.0 to MySQL4.0 which has better scalability, better safety than it’s previous MySQL 3.0 and is having easier implementation features. MySQL 4 is having faster readability for table data with its low level interface. Some other features include full text search, faster bulk updates, embedded server library and query cache.

Now with MySQL 5 we have facilities like partitioning, row based replication, task scheduler, pluggable storage engines. With disk based storage in MySQL 5 storage capacity can be increased.

PostgreSQL in e-Zest:

e-Zest take lot of efforts in understanding the technological change in PostgreSQL which is an object oriented-relational data base management system that is completely free and is having the features of traditional data based management system. Some of the exclusive features that is different in PostgreSQL than any other traditional data bases are inheritance, user defined terms, rules and multi version concurrency control for reducing lock contention and managing concurrences.

PHP and Pear Libraries:

e-Zest extensively uses peer libraries having functionalities like data base connecting and accessing functionality, send mail functionalities along with other libraries and classes. e-Zest has a strong and highly motivated team mastered in usage of graphical libraries like object oriented graph creating library jpGraph for creating and using charts like pie charts(includes 2D and 3D), scatter plots, line plots, filled line plots, accumulated line plots, bar plots, accumulated bar plots, grouped bar plots, error plots, line error plots, box plots, stock plots. jpGraph also supports for automatic generation of client end image maps which in turns makes it possible to generate drill down graphs. To lessen the burden of HTTP Server, jpGraph supports internal caching with timeouts.

In many of the successful implementation of PHP projects by e-Zest, e-Zest has successfully used acrobat converter library which can create a PDF file, convert a word file or excel file to a pdf file and can manage the content of a PDF file.

e-Zest with Open Source:

e-Zest puts full trust on the open-source community. The open source code based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by e-Zest. e-Zest can develop and integrate content management solutions on top of open platforms like Moodle 1.6+, ilias, claroline and aTutor. e-Zest has also used open source template engine or rather template/presentation framework like smarty for performance driven application development and deployment. Smarty enhances the security, scalability and maintainability factors in the application.

e-Zest offers following PHP services:


e-Zest has developed enterprise solutions like Sales Force Automation and CRM Solution, e-Commerce frameworks, Mass Mailing Solutions, Online Survey Software, Community tools like Chat, Bulletin Board, Web mail, Web Calendar, Discussion forum and shopping card applications based on PHP and MySQL / PostgreSQL technology framework.