Appcelerator Titanium is a cross platform toolkit that supports web content developed with Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, or Ajax on Windows, MacOS and Linux and mobile devices from the single application.

JavaScript code is compiled by Titanium API to create table views or other specific user interface controls such as split views and popovers for native support to iPad. Titanium developer apps can be tested, packaged, distributed and analyzed through this service.

Vital Appcelerator Titanium Features:

  • Apps with native UI Components including navigation bars, menus, dialog boxes and alerts
  • Supports Ajax and JavaScript frameworks
  • Free and open source software
  • Titanium tablet SDK supports iPad’s native features
  • Creates native apps without objective-C or Cocoa knowledge
  • Allows Titanium mobile developer to build rich mobile apps for Android in Titanium iPhone and Android development.
  • Supports traditional web technologies
  • Apache 2 Public License
  • Developers support for more scripting languages, media codes and device specific functionality
  • Native access to geolocation, accelerometer and maps

Salient features of Titanium Development services offered by e-Zest:

  • Appcelerator titanium mobile solutions including advanced Android web development
  • Development of a wide range of cross platform mobile apps and solutions
  • Native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android in Appcelerator Titanium development can be built using a combination of the latest industry standard technologies, trends and best practices
  • Development of Titanium apps for enterprises across their software systems, web interfaces and mobile devices to support business data
  • Custom apps service in Titanium development
  • Integration of online community development with social media such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Development of custom Third Party API integration such as e-Bay, SmartCard, Microsoft Windows Azure, Yahoo! Store, and so on

e-Zest’s mobile solutions cover – Titanium mobile strategy, development and direct porting of applications to iPhone and Android. A wide range of native applications for multiple platforms are developed, which are simple, social interactive, providing flexibility and control.

At e-Zest, commitment and dedication meet knowledge and expertise to deliver the best in Titanium Development Services!