An ideal IT research and development (R&D) services company should be knowledgeable about both hardware and software domain. e-Zest has proven competencies in both.

We perceive R&D services as the first milestone to achieve the making of world class products. e-Zest’s R&D takes place in focused research centers and technology labs where engineers identify the technology, tools and methodologies which are most appropriate to solve specific customer challenges. The R&D team also develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problems. Our R&D team is constantly looking at new technologies from leading vendors and alliances with industry leaders which contribute significantly to our R&D approach.

e-Zest has plans to provide the following R&D services in respective sectors:

Handset software:
Equipments like mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players needs a lot of software to run. Because of their size and low power availability, creating this software is a challenge.

Chip design:
Nowadays almost every equipment needs chips. Application specific integrated circuit design is an intricate job because the margin for errors is very small.

Automotive electronics:
Modern cars need a lot of electronics for engine control, climate control, navigation, safety etc. About 20% of the value of a modern car might lie in the electronics and software involved.

Telecom switches, Routers:
Telecom firms need regular upgrades of legacy systems that can’t be replaced for a long time. Even contemporary products need customization in different areas.

Satellite networks:
Digital video broadcasting is throwing open possibilities for satellite networks. R&D work here involves integration of data networks with the satellite networks, among other things.