The specialists in non functional testing at e-Zest have executed numerous projects, across different technologies, using a variety of toolsets.

The quality attributes of a system come under the purview of Non Functional testing. These aspects tend to be ignored as they are difficult to quantify and are not covered by Functional testing. This neglect may result in dire consequences for the organization. The specialized skill sets needed for this are generally not found internally, thus necessitating outsourcing.

Best testing strategies through apt skill sets are employed at e-Zest. Reliable and error free output is the hallmark of the e-Zest services which is responsible for its healthy and growing client base. Our customized solutions and our well equipped state-of-the art infrastructure greatly contribute towards our success.

The various facets of the e-Zest Non Functional Testing Cycle:

  • Analysis and feasibility study
  • Development of test scripts for NFT
  • Configuration of test script for user activity analysis
  • System Monitoring ( stability and faults )
  • Test analysis & execution ( identify issues and resolutions )
  • Reporting and documentation

The e-Zest performance testing capabilities – enumerated:

This takes into account the entire range of an organization’s testing requirements across performance testing tools, technology stack, diverse protocols and applications including WEB, ERP and client-server.

Performance testing comprises – Core project based performance testing, performance test consulting, and performance test COE with core and flexi source model.

a)Load Testing – is carried out to understand the behavior of an application at a given level of load. This load can either be in the number of users expected to execute or the number of transactions in a given time frame.

b)Stress Testing – An extreme load is used to determine the robustness of the application and taking it to its functional limit.

c)Soak Testing – The purpose here is to determine whether the application can maintain loads continuously and over a period of time.

Performance Monitoring -A system by which constant monitoring ensures that you discover faults before your customers do, is highly required. At e-Zest, validating applications performance does not halt after go live. The areas of Internal network monitoring, Active website monitoring, Global end user experience monitoring, and data streaming monitoring are also included under our solutions.

Disaster Recovery – This is a vital activity for any organization. Prior to the creation of a disaster recovery plan it is essential to consider the potential impacts of a disaster and to understand its risks and threats. Then a plan must be constructed, maintained and audited. Through Resilience and availability testing a multi tiered architecture with redundancy and failover methodologies applied at each tier to provide some level of protection against component failure is employed. Recoverability testing lays emphasis on developing a reliable and exhaustive backup and recovery strategy. This helps any organization to wade through a component or system failure successfully.

Operational Readiness – This step ensures that any change be it a new system or modifications to your existing ones will not have a negative impact on your operations. A new system can be implemented smoothly.

Security Testing – Is based on industry standards, i.e. OWASP, OSSTMM, testing methodologies to detect and report application vulnerabilities. These solutions comprise – Application security testing, Privileges elevation testing, Authentication and authorization testing, SQL injections, Software path level auditing, Network hardware configuration auditing, Web application security testing, Network penetration testing, & Security code review. The e-Zest expertise in a wide range of commercial and open source tools ensures security of the clients’ assets.

Usability Testing – stage involves testing of the implemented design solution with target users against specific scenarios before release. The usability and accessibility testing provided by e-Zest comes in handy and proves useful.

Accessibility Testing – Accessible web design is important for businesses in terms of legal issues, ethical issues and commercial considerations. The website must be coded well, be easy to navigate and must work in everyone’s browser. Accessibility should be viewed as a process that utilizes accessibility software tools to facilitate the human review process.

Web Services/SQA Testing – Testing at various layers becomes imperative to build quality as the application develops. The testing services here comprise – Service component testing, ESB/ Message framework testing and end-to end testing.

If you want to eliminate the use of faulty software and high maintenance costs…. If you want to avail the benefits of customized solutions in Non Functional Testing …. Choose wisely ….. Choose e-Zest!