e-Zest specialize in providing a wide range of data conversion / migration software services to clients including major publishers, academic institutions, libraries, public utilities, scientific organizations, colleges and universities.

If you’ve already got information in digital form, almost any form, we’re confident we can transfer it into one of latest database format.

Services offered :
We offer a wide range of data conversion software services including:

  • Database Conversion from one format to another
  • SGML/HTML custom coding or tagging
  • Electronic file tagging, coding or conversion
  • Data entry from images.
  • Image scanning and OCR cleanup
  • Query based Search & Retrieval Modules
  • Web content development

e-Zest can handle varieties of data conversion software work including:

  • Encyclopedias, dictionaries and all types of publications
  • Technical documents and part manuals with list and tables
  • Legal and financial documents
  • Scientific journals
  • Commercial documents

e-Zest provide database conversion solutions that offer our customers the following advantages:

  • The highest quality available in the market place
  • On time delivery
  • Very competitive rates

e-Zest with an unparalleled turnaround time, delivers customized support and service for all your data needs.Data conversions and database migrations at e-Zest can be done on massive scale with quick turnaround using our custom software designed for large scale conversions. Please contact us at info@e-zest.net with as many details as you have available and detail your needs and we will respond with further information.

Look at our XML Data Converter, a XML application
for legacy database conversion.