e-Zest’s Build-Operate-Transfer model enables customers to rapidly start offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as their own subsidiary/captive center.

e-Zest provides the following value proposition during each phase of the process:

Build: Setup the facility and infrastructure, staff the development center, and establish knowledge transfer.

Operate: Manage the offshore organization: Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and product support.

Transfer: Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations.

The dedicated facility leverages e-Zest technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities. The dedicated facility is staffed either by existing e-Zest resources or by client’s resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or a mix of them all. e-Zest has a well-defined mechanism for the smooth transition of the facility ie its own captive center to the client.

Clients see the following benefits by working with this model:

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Lower Establishment Costs
  • Risk Reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Process Expertise
  • Option of owning the facility