A web application for SMS list management feature as the application service provider for the other portal, along with the Desktop application and MIDLET to synchronize the SMS mailing list.

SMS List Management System for Portals

J2ME+WML based application and PHP script with SMS plug-in APIs with Apache/Enhydra on Linux with MySQL as the backend.Java Swing based rich client GUI for the Desktop based applications,plain file act as the database. MIDLETS developed for SMS address book J2ME supported records used for data storing.

For wireless LAN based devices with 802.11b, W-LAN achieve wireless performance and throughput comparable to wired Ethernet. On this SMS center custom application will act as the proxy SMS server. This LAN server based application will synchronize with the Web server (SMS Server). The web-based admin Control panel for managing affilitiates will be created using PHP. The banner on the all the devices comes from the Web-server database.

Technologies Used:

Operating System: RedHat Linux 7.0

Development Environment: J2ME (MIDLETS) , Open Source (PHP)

Database: PostGreSQL, Flat File

Duration: 6 Man Months