Jaywant Deshpande

Chief Operating Officer & Founder:

Jaywant has 14+ years of IT experience.

In his present role he primarily mentors the Solutions Architecture team at e-Zest.

After having started his career with National Stock Exchange, India, Jaywant then moved into IT consulting after joining Wipro Technologies. A visionary with a distinct clarity of mind, he decided to gather much experience as he chose to work in the UK for 10 years as an Architect and a Design Authority for various organizations such Friends Provident, Legal and General, Barclaycard and National Grid.

Zealous about technology and harnessing it for competitive advantage and enterprise, Jaywant with a distinctive technical bent of mind has keen interest in software design and enterprise architecture. With his trademark acumen he has so far helped several companies adopt and implement Service Oriented Architecture.

Apart from his busy schedule he loves to play Chess and Tennis.