In addition to cloud consulting, cloud application development and cloud testing services; e-Zest offers the following professional cloud services:

Cloud assessment services: e-Zest understands the importance of cloud computing for business. As it’s true with any other technology, cloud computing is not for everyone and every need. e-Zest has done extensive research to understand the parameters impacting ROI of moving to cloud. Our assessment tool utilizes important business information from enterprises to generate detailed assessment reports.

Cloud component repository: e-Zest’s R&D team designs and develops reusable cloud components and thus reduces the delivery cycles.

Cloud platform optimizer: Poorly designed cloud applications will not harness the full potential of underlying platform and infrastructure. e-Zest has extensive experience of SaaS, enterprise architecture frameworks like TOGAF, Zachman Framework etc. Our architects know the capabilities of various cloud platforms and infrastructures hence are adroit in designing the cloud applications to fully harness the power of underlying platform services to give your cloud applications optimal performance level. e-Zest’s cloud platform optimizer tests the cloud applications against the optimal usage of platform services.