The robust team of Cloud professionals at e-Zest understands the cloud ecosystem and methodically carries out end to end cloud assessment and adoption services for our enterprise customers.

Assessment: Before embarking on a cloud strategy it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of all IT delivery models that are available. e-Zest’s cloud assessment methodology helps understand strategic impact, risk impact and financial impact of moving to cloud and provides a detailed cost benefit analysis of enterprise cloud.

Enterprise Cloud computing delivery model

Design: Your business and what it demands makes it imperative to decide which design and architecture model will best fit your enterprise’s cloud needs. While moving to cloud, ‘all-fits-in-one’ model doesn’t work. The selection of cloud is based on many factors such as

  • How much processing power will be sufficient?
  • How many virtual machines (VMs) will be needed?
  • What level of security will be required?
  • What kind of billing and metering system will be required?
  • Will my cloud address to my increasing demands i.e. scalability?

All the above queries need to be answered before modeling any specific architecture for enterprise cloud.

Deployment: e-Zest’s rich experience in the deployment processes will help you deploy your enterprise cloud from the first stage to full-fledged production environment seamlessly.

Integration and Customization: e-Zest’s rich genealogy of product engineering, our expertise in SaaS/SOA/Web 2.0 and our understanding of each of the cloud computing software stack makes us help our customers integrate and customize their enterprise clouds.

Operations: Ongoing operations management includes data migration, parallel runs, maintenance (preventative maintenances), security monitoring, risk assessment, compliance assessment, periodic security audits, support SLAs and helpdesk systems.

e-Zest follows ITIL service life cycle which implies a service design, service transition and service optimization.