An enterprise needs to probe the functionality, performance and security at all layers such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It is a lot different than testing non-cloud applications. Ways and approaches usually practiced in testing non-cloud applications may not be appropriate for testing cloud applications for the obvious reasons. Cloud applications need to be highly scalable, elastic and secure. Moreover, the architecture of cloud applications may greatly differ than those of non-cloud applications. Even the deployment model is totally different.

e-Zest understands the cloud ecosystem thoroughly and hence knows how to test cloud applications from functional and non-functional perspective. e-Zest is adept in validating the architecture alongside proven best practices to design cloud applications, test the functionality of the cloud applications and baseline the performance and evaluate the security implementations.

e-Zest has professional experience of testing SOA and SaaS based applications using open and OTS tools.

We provide the following cloud testing services for its customers:

  • End-to-End System Testing: Validation of all critical aspects of complex transactions which may extend through web interfaces, middleware, backend services, databases, and everything in between
  • Load / Performance Testing: Verifies application performance and functionality under heavy load. Existing end-to-end functional tests can be leveraged for load testing, removing the barrier to comprehensive and continuous performance monitoring
  • Security Testing: Prevents security vulnerabilities through penetration testing and execution of complex authentication, encryption, and access control test scenarios
  • Availability Testing: We test your cloud offerings to ensure that you don’t have any sudden downtimes. Our focus is to save you from adverse effects in case of planned downtime
  • Stress Testing: The cloud should be elastic to allow you to increase the usage as and when required. We therefore, test your cloud offerings for fluctuating usage. We test your cloud applications to check any increasing load to ensure auto de-provisioning when the load decreases
  • Disaster Recovery Testing: Though the companies seek to make their cloud offering available all the time, yet it is not completely achievable even for on-premise applications. We aim to keep the disaster recovery time low in case of any failure to minimize any adverse effects on our client’s business

To know how to use a comprehensive test plan and execution methods at every stage of migration, get in touch with our test engineers. You can write to us at to know more.