Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it's called the Present

The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Live life king sized and enjoy every second without worrying about tomorrow.

About Myself

I am basically from Akola. I did my BE in computer Sci. & Engineering under Amravati university. I like music, photography, trekking, ridding bikes, etc. When I was young, did not have the resources. Now, do not have the time! I would like to travel more and see new places, people and culture. I like to play games like Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Cards, etc.

I spend a lot of time on computers and am always eager to learn new technologies. I have dabbled with web design, Data bases, SQL, .NET, WCF and WPF.

Passionate about life

Well, I am extremely passionate about exercising, working out, being athletic, and playing a variety of sports. I think it’s very important to keep my body fit and in good shape. Also I find myself fascinated with the military. I can’t hide my excitement when I see the military dress code and their discipline.

Why e-Zest

It was my dream to work with the top rated software company which has high values and best training facilities for fresher, and e-zest provides all this and more. So I think it is the best place for me to enhancing my skills and work on great and unique projects that are ongoing like PTA. I am absolutely confident that the work environment at e-Zest helps me to enhance my skills and push me to give my best. I found here a better coordination between the employee and Directors and I love such an atmosphere. I have made lots of lifelong friends here. It’s is a pleasure to work here for the sake of myself and my career.

Value Medals

Ownership Learning

Innovative Thinking Value Creation

Zest for Life