Whatever you think, that you
will be.

About Myself

I have done MCA from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. I have relevant experience in Open Source Technology (PHP, Ruby, MySQL) also I am working in mobile application. I like to learn new things and easily capture/adopt those things. For me work comes first. I possess a good sense of humor and decision making power. I like to make new friends. I believe “God does not work for you, he works with you”.

Passionate about life

I like to get involved social activities and Also like play outdoor games (Like Kabddi, Cricket, Kho-kho). I have passion about travelling and I adore nature’s beauty.

Why e-Zest

e-Zest makes me feel as if I am in a family and I am proud to be a good family member. In e-Zest I don’t feel pressure at work as we are aware of our responsibilities and we plan our work accordingly and deliver to the best of our capabilities. Apart from work we ease ourselves by participating in various activities like team bonding and organizational activities like Pot luck, Sports, traditional events and picnics. We are also highly motivated both professionally and personally by many programs conducted within the company like ‘OLIVZ’ and various internal programs.

Value Medals

Ownership Learning

Innovative Thinking Value Creation

Zest for Life