e-Zest is an entrepreneurial company that empowers its team members by giving them space to take ownership and explore. We strive to bring back the joy of creativity and creation in everyone’s life.

Joy is our central theme. We understand that real joy comes from using our talents to create value for others and ourselves. Joy is not just a theme or buzz word for us, we use it as the cornerstone of all our relationships and how we do business.

We believe in steadily challenging ourselves and growing in all dimensions including business as well as personal. We value individuals and relationships over business goals.

Values are the core principles we apply to all our interactions and they help us place importance on the right areas, regardless of the immediate opportunities or pressures.

Values are not defined in isolation, they have to be co-created and adopted by the broad team. When someone is in alignment with the values he/she is said to be culturally aligned to the organization.

Besides the basic competency level of technical skills needed, what really differentiates a better or more successful team member is their alignment, practice and propagation of the core values.