Value Creation

Expand the pie; don’t fight for the bigger slice:

Is the software developed by us making a difference to the end user by making life easy? Does it help bring down the costs? Is it making processes any faster? Our focus and the most important preoccupation as an organization has always been Value creation for our clients. We truly believe that living by such an attitude not only makes us distinct and committed but is also a sure shot way to growth and success.


Move ahead without being told:

The sense of ownership cannot be simply adapted by insinuating it in the person. It is an attitude; it is a way of life! Taking up responsibility, the initiatives to solve the problems and feeling like e-Zest is your own business is taking ownership. The owner does not discriminate and treat a job as big or small, and most importantly no problem is somebody else’s problem. Ownership cannot be forced nor can it be acted out. It is something that enables self-empowered and self-managed teams. It is as simple as- You don’t want a boss, then act like one.

Innovative thinking

Break out of your mold and discover gold:

Just like the invention of the wheel is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankind, any slight initiative to better things can be innovative in itself. Something that creates value, adds value to the existing set of patterns to create that extra something can be innovation. I’m a developer not an innovator is not what we look at. Because we believe that innovations need not only be the breakthroughs, even small incremental improvisations matter a lot that help us succeed in many ways than one.


Make learning a habit and you will never cease to grow:

A constant process of curiosity is learning and engagement is what we think defines learning here at e-Zest. Learning is not simply taking classes, however it is a journey that comes in smaller steps where one adapts to the ever changing dynamic environment that one is supposed to both endure and master to come out a as a winner.

Zest for Life

Live your story like it’s the greatest story ever told:

By and large one of the most important criteria of defining not just ones attitude but also ones way of living life is Zest for Life. If there is no overall zest for life, it is bound to reflect in every sphere of one’s life. When it comes to zest of life one cannot compartmentalize and say that my work calls for creativity but not my other spheres of life. It’s false. What you are, how much you pine for life and its simple moments of joy defines who we are as a person. A happy person who lives life to the fullest naturally is a great performer when it comes to work. Hence here at e-Zest we believe that if one doesn’t engage in life through friends, family and hobbies he or she is likely to bring less to work. So a singular zest for life is as vital as being a good at work.