Difference between Object Orientation and Service Orientation

It is quite difficult to think in terms of services. Though services are implemented with the help of Object oriented languages We should always remember some basic points while designing the services.

Object Orientation:

Assume homogeneous platform and execution environment
Share classes, not schemas
Assume cheap, transparent communication
Are linked: Object identity and lifetime maintained by infrastructure
Typically require deployment of both client and server in sync
Are easy to talk about and become a natural path for customers to follow
Customers have 20+ years of experience and great intuition about what “object oriented is”

Service Orientation:

Assume heterogeneous platform and execution environment
Share schemas, […]

SOA is Business Strategy

Beyond the hype and buzz created by SOA, here are my few thoughts about SOA.

 1. SOA is business strategy:

 SOA is often looked as the yet another project taken by IT dept or always treated as IT thing. Off course, its implementation is very much IT thing but it should be looked more as a strategy for synchronization and alignment of all business processes of an organization.

2. SOA is not rewriting your ALL applications:

SOA implementations in proper manner always support organization's legacy systems, on which the organization is relying on from past several years. […]

First Post

Today it'€™s my first post on e-Zest corporate blog and I am very much excited to see lot of interest from readers and within e-Zest in very short span of time. Right now IT world is talking about state of US economy and its impact on outsourcing and specifically offshore outsourcing of IT and ITES services. In the flat world business dynamics are changing fast and I believe innovation in business processes, product and services,business models and service delivery approaches will be key factors in competitive success of organizations worldwide.I see three key technology drivers […]