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Process of Product Innovation – Can it be structured?

Few years ago while attending an event at IIT Chicago, I came across a book “Process of Innovation”. When I started reading it, I realized it’s too complex for me to go through each of the theorems mentioned in the book. As a result an impression was created in my mind – I cannot innovate. The impression was so strong that over a period of time any topic around innovation used to scare the hell out of me (given that I like to learn new thoughts and processes).

A few days ago, e-Zest’s Chief Innovation […]

User Driven product development and Innovation

Innovative product design is always a risky proposition.

There is definitely a certain degree of uncertainty whether such product is received in the market or not. Many organizations take the same path and build their products with what is available in the market and can be well received by their consumer base. This consumer base can be a loyal one or profound one created by some buzz by that product in the market.

This way, the product survives but can not be a market leader, since its user driven. To build a market leader products, these […]