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Moments of Pride

There are times in life when one is down due to underachievement, low performance, things not happening as per expectations and morale being low. This sometimes happens due to reasons not within one’s control. There are moments of frustration and one starts feeling that it is me against the world. People start feeling that they are losers and unless this mindset gets changed failure is inevitable.

I too have my moments of frustrations. When I am down I remember a wonderful quote said by John Foppe, “It is OK to be down but it is […]

Importance of understanding the human and personal wins

Human resource is a term that has lost its impact after seeing it being used in a way that many a times is quite literally is inhuman or at least non-human.  I don’t mean to say that the use of HR term is cruel in the typical sense of “inhuman” but many a times individuals are treated by companies and HR processes in a way that it literally takes out the “humanness” from the human.

People are defined mainly around their skills – so often in IT we will hear terms like “we need to […]

Seven Value Medals a day!

We all spend about 250 days a year at work and do we really get the maximum out of those days for ourselves, our clients and the company? Of course we all strive to do our best, despite that many a time we are left with a feeling that we did not reach our maximum potential for contribution. Is there a simple way we can plan and manage our day to maximize our contribution, results and eventually rewards?

Planning, balance and execution

In an information-based work environment, working hard is not the way to better results. […]

Recognizing Value

Before we can create value we have to be able recognize value. The recognition of value is not a science where we apply our measuring instruments and come up with a number. The recognition of value is an art. The difference between science and art is that science validates itself through proofs based on known facts, whereas there is no set of external criteria that determine the value of a painting, musical performance or literary composition. Yet we do not say works of art have no value even if we can’t back up our […]