Does your motivation have power?

Competing, winning, obtaining something is a constant race and for that we need motivation. Everyday people motivate themselves to reach the next goal, the next higher level of milestone. When we are students we have goals such as become an engineer, then it is get married to “most eligible” partner, then it is buy a car and house and life goes on.

We listen to motivational speakers to get motivated to achieve, we look at successful people and want what they have.  Is it really about hard work or working to “achieve” what we want? […]

Go beyond goals

We are all pushed to have goals in life.  Be achievement oriented, reach a level, make so much money etc.  We have a feeling that if we achieve we will be successful and happy. But is having aggressive goals a way to achieve and be happy?  Or is there is an easier and more effective way and happier?

So what’s wrong  with goals?  Let me see if I can illustrate a few things based on a real story of an old acquaintance.  Let’s call him Amit (nice and short).  Amit was an IT professional who […]