Hello from New York! We have completed almost a month of UK & US tour. We left India on 8th Sep.  Its tiring but exciting tour.

While discussing with our clients & prospects, to my surprise most of them were discussing Indian economy, Indian companies as prospective customers to them & how we can help them in this India endeavor.  Most of business professionals & entrepreneurs expressed their faith in Indian economy, potential of India market & revealed their future key strategy to look into & develop products for growing markets like India. Quality products, world class technology & domain expertise will definitely help to uplift standards of Indian businesses, infrastructure & social environment.

So, its great news for corporate & political India. Government need to continue pace of reforms & provide conducive as well as  safe business environment. Corporate Indian organizations like FICCI, CII, NASSCOM also need ensure that these international companies who are looking at India as a key market should not get duped by fly by night operators.

Regular violence & bomb blast news from India scare many here. But that’s big topic!

Salute to India & her Mahatma on this occasion of 2nd October.