D!Conomy: The coming future

“By the end of the decade, everyone will be connected.”
- Eric Schmidt

If you happened to be at CeBIT 2015, you would see a coming wave. That’s the wave of D!conomy or Industry 4.0. D!conomy refers to digitization and its impact on society and economy. If you specifically focus on manufacturing, Industry 4.0 will see the digital transformation of industries resulting in smart factories. These modern marvels will have incredible resource efficiency – very critical in the face of changing economic circumstances.

Digitization is not something businesses can ignore. Just look at some big names such […]

A memorable CeBIT 2015 for e-Zest

It was a great five days for e-Zest at CeBIT 2015 held at Hannover, Germany from March 16-20. Making its presence felt for the eighth time in the largest IT trade show on the planet, e-Zest focused on digital transformation offerings for businesses.

The central theme at CeBIT 2015 was Digital Transformation. As an experienced digital innovation partner for businesses, e-Zest exhibited its high quality technology solutions in Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility and UX. The e-Zest booth, Hall 06, Stall A29, received a lot of footfall from CeBIT 2015 participants who were seeking a […]

Technology News Roundup – Week 12, 2015

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2015

A study has revealed that Global SaaS revenues will touch $106B in 2016, an increase of over 21% over current spending levels. A Goldman Sachs study has stated that spending towards cloud infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30$ CAGR till 2018. All the studies agree on one comon point – Cloud adoption is accelerating across businesses globally.

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Big Data in the automobile sector

Big Data could trigger a widespread digital transformation across the automobile industry. Till now, customer data and feedback was the domain of dealers and importers. […]

Internet of Things gets the eyeballs at CeBIT 2015

While Edward Snowden’s talk yesterday might have been the top headline for CeBIT 2015 participants, Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered the most amount of interest. Computing and communication between connected devices are conjuring up some real interesting use cases at CeBIT 2015.

First up was the big news of Samsung making its foray into IoT. Infact, Samsung has launched a separate division which will focus on enterprise IoT. The second big news was the Huawei partnership with SAP for advance research in IoT. When companies of such magnitude raise their game, you know big […]

CeBIT Day 3: Of Snowden, Cloud and Big Data

Today, the big buzz was all about Edward Snowden’s live remote interview. The world’s most famous whistleblower’s work had led to a worldwide debate on privacy and put a spotlight on government intelligence sleuths. Snowden’s interview at an IT trade show is a little surprising, nevertheless we will take it.

At CeBIT 2015, lot of the talk is focused on the cloud-enabled digital transformation. How can cloud change the way companies do business tomorrow? What are the tools and technologies available to businesses that can solve the challenges they face today?

Speaking of challenges, e-Zest demonstrated […]