e-Zest Sponsors Drupal Camp in Pune

In a bid to strengthen the local Drupal Community, Drupal once again comes to Pune all set to open the Drupal Camp on the 5thand 6th of April’ 2014, at Range Hills, Khadki, Pune. e-Zest is an official sponsor of Drupal Camp Pune this year.

“e-Zest supports Drupal and sponsoring the event is our way to reiterate this support and spread the dynamic, versatile, open source platform”, said Devendra Deshmukh, CEO and Founder, e-Zest. “It is indeed a great opportunity to learn from the sessions based on several case studies of Drupal’s website and interacting […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare – Accountable Care Organizations

Are you tired of the long hours of surfing the internet in an attempt to draw a picture of the full spectrum of US healthcare? Are you lost in the web of legislations and standards? Well, you are not the only one. I have been through this myself and also the very reason why I have started this blog series; to try and save the precious hours of the most valiant creatures in the world like us, who have taken up the challenge of solving the biggest complexities in the universe ‘US Healthcare’.

In this […]

4 tips for Store success

With more than 1 million apps already on both App Store and Play Store, how can we ensure that our app gets noticed and that too, gets noticed big?!

This is a frequent and foremost question asked by our PES (Product Engineering Services) clients. I have often deliberated on it, delving into my mobile app consulting and pre-sales experience and have found that…

The key to make it big in the App world is to start small. Way small!

Every hit app which made its makers billionaires, started from a single line idea. An idea so simple, […]

Tech Digest – Week 12, 2014

Amazon counters Google’s price slash by cutting Cloud Computing prices

Now it is cloud that is seemingly the new entrant in the price war. Following Google’s announcement of 85 percent price cut in its cloud computing services in order to take on Amazon, its arch rival, the online retailer has retaliated with an almost similar strategy. Amazon’s announcement to drop prices ranging from an almost 10 to a whopping 65 percent on many of its cloud computing services is evidence of this price war.

The ‘Register’ recently reported Amazon’s Vice President Andy Jassy quoting this, “Prices […]

Tech Digest – Week 11, 2014

Wanting to become a Digital Enterprise? Then Cloud computing is sure the place to start with.

For anyone who has been attending the latest industry conferences, keeping a tab on analyst reports etc. may think that the whole world has all of a sudden become digitized, howsoever we are still far from the real picture. In simple term, we are still not there yet. There are several organizations that are still struggling through the painful change of shedding away manual processes only to bring themselves come closer to the digital realm. Also the benefits remain […]