Offline Avenues to Further Your Application Reach

The potential reach of businesses has been transformed with the advent of affordable mobile devices. Customers, previously unreachable, are now showing up as fast-increasing dots on the radar. Having a mobile phone and a number is very common even to those parts of the world, where network connectivity is a problem. Tele-interaction has been able to complement and as some would believe, displace conventional interactions. How long before the classic business handshake is replaced by a digitally signed doc, shared via mobile? People already come back and check if a store has a website […]

Implementation of ETL testing in BI software applications

Nowadays, many organizations are use Business Intelligence (BI) to make strategic decisions with expectations of achieving competitive benefits for their business. BI software is usually created with the help of data warehouses and data marts which collect data from other applications, flat files, CRMs, websites, big data stores and data sources. BI is a procedure of collecting raw data which required for business and converting it into useful and meaningful information which can be further used for data analysis, mining, reporting, predicting and interpretive analysis.

A data warehouse is a collection of data from various […]

e-Zest organizes blood donation drive

e-Zestians are known for commitment towards their work. However, yet another facet of e-Zest team members is their commitment to social causes. Keeping up with the tradition of contributing to the society, e-Zest conducted a blood donation drive at its Kothrud office today. The camp was held in association with Jehangir Hospital, Pune and Apollo Munich Health insurance Company.

Many team members enthusiastically participated in the camp. e-Zest has organized many blood donation camps and the turnout in this camp was no different. Participants also encouraged their team members to donate blood at the camp.

Devendra […]

The Best Tech Stories – Week 24, 2015

Marriage of DevOps and PaaS

The PaaS market is growing rapidly and is estimated to hit $14B by 2017. PaaS was predicted to replace DevOps but both of them continue to work interdependently. The ops team focuses on providing a stable and reliable environment that in turn allows developers to focus on creating code. Maturing PaaS systems recognize and enhance this marriage by enabling an environment of rapid iteration towards a better product. The attraction of managed private PaaS for small, medium, and even large companies is that they can start faster, and with reduced […]

Tutorial: Elasticsearch Integration in a Java Application

The whole world relies on search to get access to relevant information and data. Handling this large amount of data presents a huge challenge. To get relevant data, we hit the database which is an extremely slow process. Moreover, there is a need to separately perform data encryption. Elasticsearch is a great technology which offers fast search results.

Elasticsearch is a Lucene-based search server. It performs data indexing in an encrypted format, making search more secure and fast. Internally it stores data in JSON format. The Indexed data can be queried using APIs in (Java […]