Must Read Technology Stories – Week 3, 2015

Cloud Computing is Transforming Businesses

Cloud computing is transforming enterprises wo0rldwide. Thanks to modern SaaS applications, enterprises are able to accelerate operations and provide better customer engagement. The modern social/mobile SaaS applications combined with analytics are boosting critical business priorities and erasing traditional distinctions and hierarchies.

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How Big Data is helping the Fight against Human Trafficking?

Human rights organizations and data companies are engaging in a unique partnership to help fight human trafficking. Using the might of Big Data, experts are analyzing data sets and culling important information. The Web has become a marketplace of […]

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How can Businesses Benefit from SharePoint?

As an HR team, you can use SharePoint as a gateway to information. If HR teams provide the business users a portal which looks like Yahoo or MSN with access to not only organization specific content but also industry specific, he/she would relate to it much better. Microsoft has a superb site which is internal to the organization.

As a business group or management, you can share your experience of a recent client acquisition or how demand in a particular sector is growing and what will it need the enterprise or business group to do. […]

Innovation: Service or Process?

The number of books and articles that talk about talking innovation from the famed designer’s clay models to the world all around, is not to sneeze at. More and more firms have appointed Chief Innovation Officers in the last decade, recognizing innovation first as a game changer and later as the competition balancer. Innovation experts have been regularly hired to conduct seminars and full-fledged workshops for startups, mid-sized companies and big players all alike. Gurus have gone so far ahead to even say that innovation is a necessity for survival in any game, be […]

It’s Technology, not Apple, which helps keep your Doctor Away!

Technology is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry today. Technology, which is improving by the day, is helping physicians to diagnose their patients more effectively. Technology advances in healthcare include software such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), EHR (Electronic Health Record), mHealth apps, Patient Engagement Solutions, Patient Portals , Imaging/Visualization software, Medical Information System and e-Prescribing solutions among others. There are many devices like biometric tools for patients, along with wearables and mobile/ tablet devices.

However, the software used in healthcare is also undergoing a transformation. Many of them have shifted completely to […]

How Home Healthcare Solutions can bring down Healthcare Costs?

Imagine a world you don’t have to worry about large healthcare bills because you get treatment at home or early diagnosis of disease. Some may argue that the cost of reaching out to patients is high and tedious. This will call for even more healthcare professionals in the future. However, the answer to this problem lies in collaborating with technology.

Healthcare for elderly patients has seen a lot of developments recently. I believe home healthcare can assume gigantic proportions to significantly bring down healthcare costs.

Before I write about more technology innovations, here are a few […]