Tech stories handpicked for you – Week 19, 2015


Cloud Foundry: An Open source platform for Cloud  

IBM started the revolution in the software industry by selling the hardware and software in a bundled package. That is the starting point for many software service companies and their platforms which come into business. One such platform is the Cloud open source platform, one of the first open source PaaS platforms. Making Cloud an open source platform lets many technology enthusiasts share their knowledge in driving the growth of the cloud technologies and can drive its success. Many startups, ISVs and even large organizations are talking […]

How to Fail SCRUM?

If you do a poll among project team members in the software industry to find out the most talked about area, the probability of Agile (SCRUM) emerging as the answer is extremely high. With everybody talking about agility for success of a project, here are a few important pointers on what can make your SCRUM fail. Follow them and you are bound to make your SCRUM fail.

Treat SCRUM rituals as just another process:  The Agile commandments clearly highlight the priority and focus for Agile team members. It clearly says “Individuals and interactions over processes and […]

e-Zest receives NHIMR Industry Award for Technology Innovation

e-Zest added yet another feather in its cap in the recently held MKSSS’s NHIMR Industry Awards 2015 in association with the leading business daily Business Standard. e-Zest won the prestigious award for Technology Innovation in the IT & ITES sector.

These awards are a recognition of industry efforts and best practices. The award ceremony, which was attended by dignitaries from manufacturing, IT and banking sectors, along with successful entrepreneurs, also aims to strengthen the industry-academia relationship.

Expressing happiness after receiving the award, e-Zest CEO Devendra Deshmukh said, “It is extremely pleasing to be recognized as a […]

An evening of celebration with e-Zest partners

To celebrate the valued relationship with its business partners in India, e-Zest held a party on April 25, 2015 at Westin, Pune. The celebration was testimony to the e-Zest spirit of ‘One Goal’ – a philosophy where we align our own goals with our partners.

The evening began with casual interactions and exchanges with our India partners. It was wonderful to catch up with many of our esteemed friends across different sectors. However, it was not like any other mundane corporate party. It was a fun evening and the mood was perfectly set up with […]

Docker Tutorial: Using it as a server Migration Tool

Public Cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure) <-> Private Cloud (e.g. Openstack) <->physical servers

If you wish to migrate your current environment from one platform to another (Physical Servers <-> Private Cloud <-> Public Cloud), take a look at Docker. Docker is an open source tool to build ship and run distributed applications on any platform. You also have the liberty to choose servers of your choice. For instance, you can choose base OS as windows server to host an application which was previously hosted on Linux server.


Why Docker?

Different platforms (where production servers are running) have different […]