Object Oriented Design Principles for Organization Structure and Design

While using object oriented design principles and patterns for architecture and design of software projects, I realized that some of these patterns and principles can be very effectively used for building an organization structure. The key object oriented design principles, also known as SOLID principles, are enlisted below:

S- Single Responsibility Principle
O- Open Closed Principle
L- Liskov Substitution Principle
I – Interface Segregation Principle
D- Dependency Inversion Principle

I am working on an elaborate model to describe object oriented design principles and organization design. Some of the key principles that can be immediately applied for organization design are:

1.  While building […]

Cloud Computing for Support Function

Cloud is enabling digital transformation across many major functions, one of them being the support function. Customers are increasingly demanding and you need to make sure that your support systems are on top of the game. Cloud computing helps you deliver customer service at speed.

Managing your own technical support is a complex, expensive task. Migrating your support function to cloud helps you to focus on areas that deliver more value instead of just oiling the gears. The trend of outsourcing technical support is slowly blooming across businesses.

Cloud helps you automate many areas of the […]

How CFOs can leverage SharePoint?

Today’s digital economy has changed the way CFOs think and work across organizations. Apart from traditional financial work, a typical CFO drives work in the following areas:

Automation of Finance
Tracking and improving business and people efficiencies

Automation of Finance

CFOs and their teams consume and crunch a huge volume of financial data across a variety of documents. Some of these documents include:

Financial reports
Financial policies
Budgeting documents
Expense reports
Forecasts and financial reviews
Vendor documents
Tax documents

Now, managing these documents is a burning challenge among financial departments. Most of these documents are scattered across the organization across different team members. Also, these […]

Technology news handpicked for you – Week 42, 2015

Dell-EMC merger aimed at the cloud

The recent record-breaking $67 billion Dell-EMC merger is an effort aimed at becoming a dominant force in the cloud computing market. While EMC is growing fast, players such as AWS and Azure are a growing threat to the company’s distributed networked-server solution dominance.

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Big Data and the Middle East Refugee Crisis

The flight of refugees with no support infrastructure is a humanitarian crisis of the largest magnitude. Providing shelter, food and healthcare requires coordinated work amongst government, private and voluntary organizations. When tackling huge numbers like these, logistics […]

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Are you in control of your cloud?

CIOs are happily adopting the cloud today. However, all of them have one common concern – “How do I know if I am in control of the cloud?” Typically, this question emerges either from horrifying security lapses, compliance audits or high (and unexpected) running costs.

The common response to such a conundrum is buying SaaS tools. Another common approach is to extend the tools used in private cloud to public cloud. However, without understanding the cloud well, you may end up making glaring mistakes. Bear in mind that if you end up with the wrong […]