Tech Digest – Week 14, 2014

Azure helping Microsoft to be ahead of the pack in Cloud

Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform, is one of the best in business. One of the standout features that Azure provides is the .NET backend support, single sign-on through the new Microsoft Azure Preview Portal.  With Mobile services and now Visual Studio, end-to-end development using Microsoft’s cloud is looking like a more feasible reality.

Developers are getting more enticed by its new offerings which promise cloud without complexity.

However Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do in the awake of recent price cuts between […]

Build Mobile Applications with jQuery mobile and MVC 4

Today, developing a mobile application is easy, but running it on multiple mobile devices with adaptive UI is a bit challenging. But jQuery mobile framework has made life easy for us to develop a single web site or application that can work on all popular Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop platforms.

In this introductory tutorial, I will give you an overview on how to use jQuery mobile with MVC 4 to build a modular mobile application that looks and feels very similar to a native app running on a device. You will find it useful as […]

Tech Digest – Week 13, 2014

Adopting Cloud and how the network now strikes back

With each passing day the number of IT people taking the plunge and opting for Cloud is only increasing. Considering the benefits that Cloud Computing confers, this doesn’t really come as a big surprise, especially with the kind of freedom Cloud to employees to work where they want to work from along with the advantage of cost cutting for businesses.

However for any software as soon as the initial surge and the dust settles down, the real work begins. It’s no doubt that cloud computing is growing […]

e-Zest Sponsors Drupal Camp in Pune

In a bid to strengthen the local Drupal Community, Drupal once again comes to Pune all set to open the Drupal Camp on the 5thand 6th of April’ 2014, at Range Hills, Khadki, Pune. e-Zest is an official sponsor of Drupal Camp Pune this year.

“e-Zest supports Drupal and sponsoring the event is our way to reiterate this support and spread the dynamic, versatile, open source platform”, said Devendra Deshmukh, CEO and Founder, e-Zest. “It is indeed a great opportunity to learn from the sessions based on several case studies of Drupal’s website and interacting […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare – Accountable Care Organizations

Are you tired of the long hours of surfing the internet in an attempt to draw a picture of the full spectrum of US healthcare? Are you lost in the web of legislations and standards? Well, you are not the only one. I have been through this myself and also the very reason why I have started this blog series; to try and save the precious hours of the most valiant creatures in the world like us, who have taken up the challenge of solving the biggest complexities in the universe ‘US Healthcare’.

In this […]