Mobile development is at all-time high. However, designing a good mobile app is still a challenge for many.

I have jotted down some quick points that should help you while designing mobile application.

  • Begin your mobile design with wireframe or flowmap – This will help in ensuring that the navigation is logical and reasonable which in turn decides the user experience
  • Keep development budget in mind – Final mobile app is the result of design and good source code so while you design know how much burden it will add to coding and thus project duration
  • Design first for high resolution – To have good UI start your design from hi-res images, preferably vector graphics over rasterized ones
  • Make buttons big enough – Curb the desire to crowd everything in one small screen as your user might not be able to tap properly. Take into account the width of a finger
  • Show the progress – Have some progress indicator element in the design which will ensure user that the app has not stopped working and something is happening in the background
  • Stick to device’s native design style – Try to adhere to the device’s Human Interface Guideline to help user work with your app intuitively
  • Design for everybody – Do usability testing of your app. Don’t assume that everybody will use it the way you think
  • Gestures are good, but don’t abuse them – Gestures provides you additional functionality. However, make sure that you are not stuffing your app with lot of gesture actions otherwise you will have to publish cheat code for your app

Do you want to add some more points to the list? Go ahead and add them in comments.