On June 5th, e-Zest celebrated World Environment Day as a “Green Day”. e-Zest is concerned about the need for a safe & clean environment. We believe in to raise awareness, and contribute to this ever giving beautiful nature. We celebrated World Environment week from 1st to 5th June, many internal campaigns were organized to create environment awareness in the employees. This noble effort was a part of PRAYAS, a green initiative by e-Zest.

With this initiative e-Zest reached out to its employees and customers to plant Trees, clean up waste, use public transport and reduce use of plastic bags. We are also conscious of the hazards to the environment and inculcate the habit of car pooling and reduce carbon emissions. To make a contribution, 4th June was celebrated as “Non-Vehicle Day” by e-Zest employees. We successfully conveyed the need to act responsibly towards the environment. e-Zest encourages its employees to support the green theme of 2010 “your planet needs you!”.