10 success mantra’s for technology start-ups

After working very closely with almost 60+ technology startups for over a period of last ten years, I have realized that there are certain areas that differentiate successful technology start-ups from the rest. Here are 10 success mantras for technology start-ups based on my learning and experiences while working with technology startups,Invest in values and culture from the inception stages of the company. Learn from others, but retain a strong independent vision for your businessDon’t try to do too much at once. Focus on the real value that you are generating for your customers/users […]

A zestful blood donation drive 2014

Keeping up with the tradition of contributing towards a social cause, e-Zest, just like the past year, took the initiative to organize a blood donation drive recently. As one of the corporate social initiatives, this Blood Donation Camp was conducted in association with Apollo Munich in the premises of e-Zest.

e-Zest has always harbored and valued a strong sense of responsibility towards the society and it is ingrained within the work culture and the people of e-Zest. So while each e-Zestian strives for both professional and personal growth; the sense of responsibility towards the society […]

Reinventing the Importance of Good Content

What would the world do without communication; would it be the same place as it is today? Although this may seem like a stupid question, communication in today’s developed world is highly undermined and underutilized in many ways than one can imagine. But not any longer! Talking of the digital age that we live in today, content is naturally the unflinching contender, which best describes this age as also being one of the most influential factors responsible for empowering this tech-age.

Reflecting on some of the patterns of this universe itself, there has always been […]

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Tech Digest – Week 01, 2014

Now it’s Cloud for enterprise computing in 2014

Cloud has been the mover and shaker in the consumer market for quite some time now. It is one unstoppable phenomenon and now it is spreading its magic in the enterprise computing too. It’s not just the talk of the town but actual research and analysis is showing the same picture. IDC, one of the leading IT market analysis company, has predicted 2014 to be the year that will mark the entry of cloud into the mainstream enterprise computing.

In fact the predictions also talk about 25% to […]

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Tech Digest – Week 52, 2013

Future of Amazon Workspaces and what lies behind the scenes?

On the surface Amazon’s latest entry – Amazon Workspaces could well be tagged as a desktop service, but there is seems to be a lot more than that and a strong strategy appears to be present behind the scenes that may succeed in attracting a strong customer base into Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

In order to break free from the company’s data center, a need for escape velocity for enterprise applications to move onto cloud seems inevitable. The use of scoreboards is quite common with organizations […]

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