Understanding Google – Part 1

Hello friends! When it comes to Google, there are varying opinions and several misconceptions about it. Owing to time constraint, many of you may not have been able to read and learn enough about this so called ‘Giant’ called Google in deep.

Many of you may want to know more about Google or you may have even tried to learn about it. However there may still be some unanswered questions in your mind. This blog necessarily deals with many such questions and with this; I hope to quench your thirst for knowing, understanding Google in […]

The Queen Product

Queen!!! That’s how the recently released film is addressed or being written about, with exclamations and adjectives to describe its finesse, its genuineness and the grip of crisp storytelling and flawless direction. It is not much of a common scene in Hindi cinema at least in today’s times that a film is received and applauded with such endearing love and acceptability. But the magic has happened and the film already has the cash registers ringing in hoards of profits.

I, for one, tried to draw a parallel between the film as a product and any […]

7 key team attributes for scaling up your startup

When you embark upon the journey of being an entrepreneur, you are very passionate about what you are trying to build and are very closely involved in each and every activity of the startup. However as you start garnering more and more customers and your business expands, you start feeling the stress of carrying out various activities that need to be done as a part of your growing business. There also comes a stage where you realize that it is not practically possible to manage every aspect of the business all by yourself and […]

10 success mantra’s for technology start-ups

After working very closely with almost 60+ technology startups for over a period of last ten years, I have realized that there are certain areas that differentiate successful technology start-ups from the rest. Here are 10 success mantras for technology start-ups based on my learning and experiences while working with technology startups,Invest in values and culture from the inception stages of the company. Learn from others, but retain a strong independent vision for your businessDon’t try to do too much at once. Focus on the real value that you are generating for your customers/users […]

A zestful blood donation drive 2014

Keeping up with the tradition of contributing towards a social cause, e-Zest, just like the past year, took the initiative to organize a blood donation drive recently. As one of the corporate social initiatives, this Blood Donation Camp was conducted in association with Apollo Munich in the premises of e-Zest.

e-Zest has always harbored and valued a strong sense of responsibility towards the society and it is ingrained within the work culture and the people of e-Zest. So while each e-Zestian strives for both professional and personal growth; the sense of responsibility towards the society […]