Ovum recommends software vendors to strongly consider outsourced product development as a way to transition their products to SaaS.

Ovum ( , a consulting and advisory services with focus on convergence across telecoms, IT services and software. Ovum clients  range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and governments. They include IT vendors, IT service providers, technology user organisations, telecom operators, regulators, equipment suppliers, consultancies and investors.

Ovum recently published article 'Pass SaaS to India?' which is an extract taken from Ovum's Straight Talk service. This daily email bulletin provides Ovum's expert's views and opinions on important news and events in global IT and telecoms. This article discussed transition of traditional software products into software as […]

STPI scheme extension for one more year

In A huge relief to the IT industry, software companies have been allowed to enjoy benefits of the software technology parks of India (STPI) scheme for another year.

Indian government has declared extension of tax concessions under Section 10A of the Income Tax Act to March 2010. The scheme was to expire in March 2009 under the sunset clause provided in the scheme. On an average, IT companies would have a revenue benefit of at least 5-7% (on the effective tax rate) because of this extension. The IT companies specially small & medium companies have […]

Enterprise 2.0 market predictions and reality

Forrester research recently released vendor strategy prediction stating enterprise spending on Web 2.0 ie. Enterprise 2.0  technologies will grow strongly over the next five years, reaching $4.6 billion globally by 2013, with social networking, mashups, and RSS capturing the greatest share.

Many blogger rushed to post their opinion on this research & these numbers. Most of them think these numbers are absurd, I strongly feel these number are irrelevant here. What is more important is trend that indicates steady & strong growth in adoption of Enterprise 2.0 technologies. Also important observation is over the period […]

Social application development challenges & OpenSocial

Every another week, new social network is launched by innovative entrepreneurs. This makes really challenging for social application entrepreneurs & companies  who wish to develop  & implement their social applications across the all popular social networks. Previously there was no choice of generic social application development platform. You need to almost re-engineer social application to make it work on another social platform eg. MySpace/Bebo if its originally developed to work on Facebook. Almost all top social networking sites/plaform have their own proprietary API platform to support social application development & integration.

But now OpenSocial is […]

Signs of economic stagflation in the United States & its impact on offshore outsourcing

In case of economic stagflation (stagnant growth and rising inflation) is US, many are predicting increase in offshore outsourcing. Major reason stated is pressure on margins will ask for more cost savings by offshore outsourcing. I still feel its 50-50 situation. Due to stagflation, less purchasing power as a  result of weak dollar, more skilled resources/job seekers available in local market at lower cost, pressure to save local jobs may hamper outsourcing to great extent.