Mobile Internet growth & its impact on mobile and web application development

Recently, there is substantial surge in usage of mobile internet.  Mobile Internet growth is the growth of the Internet when accessed via a mobile phone, laptop, etc. (Wikipedia)

Thanks to wide range of new Smartphone’s who are significantly capable to display full websites on small screens than ever before. iPhone & Android stands out more than others. eg. The iPhone OS had 8 percent of the smartphone market, but generated 43 percent of mobile Web requests and 65 percent of HTML usage. Obvious reason is more stable & better internet enabled mobile applications & games. Downloading apps/games & advertised enabled apps contribute substantially […]

Resurgent India!

Hello from New York! We have completed almost a month of UK & US tour. We left India on 8th Sep.  Its tiring but exciting tour. While discussing with our clients & prospects, to my surprise most of them were discussing Indian economy, Indian companies as prospective customers to them & how we can help them in this India endeavor.  Most of business professionals & entrepreneurs expressed their faith in Indian economy, potential of India market & revealed their future key strategy to look into & develop products for growing markets like India. […]

Everest Research Institute confirms India’s leadership as an offshore IT services destination

Everest Research Institute released the first issue of Market Vista “Global Sourcing—Market Vista Q1 2008” , which is a robust quarterly report on global outsourcing, offshoring activity, and trend insights. The quarterly Market Vista report provides data and analysis across multiple dimensions, including deal trends in the outsourcing, offshoring market, captive model analysis including new center announcements, expansion and divesture, current and emerging location analysis including risks and opportunities, etc.

In this report, India has emerged as the most matured location for offshored IT and BPO services, though this dominance might be chipping away given […]

Microsoft & SaaS transition by ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)

During recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2008, Microsoft released details about its SaaS initiative & its comments about SaaS adoption by ISVs. Microsoft has established ‘Microsoft Software + Services Incubation Center Program’  through which ISVs are guided through a structured series of business and architectural consulting sessions with the support of an established hosting provider to help ensure their business models and applications are ready to address the challenges of SaaS based delivery.  This program now includes 20 incubation centers worldwide with 10 in Europe, eight in North America, and two in […]

Ovum recommends software vendors to strongly consider outsourced product development as a way to transition their products to SaaS.

Ovum ( , a consulting and advisory services with focus on convergence across telecoms, IT services and software. Ovum clients  range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and governments. They include IT vendors, IT service providers, technology user organisations, telecom operators, regulators, equipment suppliers, consultancies and investors.

Ovum recently published article 'Pass SaaS to India?' which is an extract taken from Ovum's Straight Talk service. This daily email bulletin provides Ovum's expert's views and opinions on important news and events in global IT and telecoms. This article discussed transition of traditional software products into software as […]