Rise of Healthcare Experience 3.0

Healthcare Experience is one of the hot topics within the healthcare industry. This blog is my reflection on how HX is geared to take the healthcare experience to the next level. HX is all about disruption in the existing healthcare experience. I refer to it as Healthcare Experience 3.0 (HX 3.0) that revolves around building an experience for patients using three fundamental pillars of healthcare – Technology, Providers and Processes.

The factors that continually impact the rise of HX 3.0 are:

Continual demands for reducing errors in healthcare delivery
Generating measurable meaningful outcomes by collecting and sharing […]

How Home Healthcare Solutions can bring down Healthcare Costs?

Imagine a world you don’t have to worry about large healthcare bills because you get treatment at home or early diagnosis of disease. Some may argue that the cost of reaching out to patients is high and tedious. This will call for even more healthcare professionals in the future. However, the answer to this problem lies in collaborating with technology.

Healthcare for elderly patients has seen a lot of developments recently. I believe home healthcare can assume gigantic proportions to significantly bring down healthcare costs.

Before I write about more technology innovations, here are a few […]

Preventive Healthcare – Can the model evolve?

We have been hearing a lot of changes in the approach for preventive healthcare segment. With an era of focus only on creation of medical claim products, which pays you once you are ill, preventive healthcare has never rightly evolved. However, the preventive healthcare plan is not an unknown entity for developed countries where people are availing preventive care. In India, we start caring for our health when we cross 40; however research says the age group of 30 to 40 is the group which is becoming more vulnerable as the patterns of work, […]

Security Best Practices for Healthcare Application Design – Series 1

It is often a discussion between what is required and what is essential for your application designs. For Healthcare Applications, it is extremely important to balance the act of decision making when you know your application will host PHI.

PHI stands for Patient Health Information is the most important and crucial data, that needs to be protected. PHI can be anything that contains Patient Health Information, be it medical reports, specific application screens or PHI available for research use on public domain. There are guidelines when it comes to de-identification of such datasets that are […]

ICD 9 to ICD 10 Transition Approach – Taking a holistic view on healthcare’s important transition

With the deadline for transition to ICD 10 coming closer, it is important to take a holistic view towards the transition efforts. Here I am sharing my views to give some more lights on the impact of the transition.

Most of the products who have met the deadlines for 5010 soon will be required to start using ICD 10 instead of ICD 9 code sets.

However, the switch to ICD 10 does not affect the CPT for outpatients. So for all inpatient procedure codes and diagnosis codes, it is mandatory to use the new codes as […]