Security Best Practices for Healthcare Application Design – Series 1

It is often a discussion between what is required and what is essential for your application designs. For Healthcare Applications, it is extremely important to balance the act of decision making when you know your application will host PHI.

PHI stands for Patient Health Information is the most important and crucial data, that needs to be protected. PHI can be anything that contains Patient Health Information, be it medical reports, specific application screens or PHI available for research use on public domain. There are guidelines when it comes to de-identification of such datasets that are […]

ICD 9 to ICD 10 Transition Approach – Taking a holistic view on healthcare’s important transition

With the deadline for transition to ICD 10 coming closer, it is important to take a holistic view towards the transition efforts. Here I am sharing my views to give some more lights on the impact of the transition.

Most of the products who have met the deadlines for 5010 soon will be required to start using ICD 10 instead of ICD 9 code sets.

However, the switch to ICD 10 does not affect the CPT for outpatients. So for all inpatient procedure codes and diagnosis codes, it is mandatory to use the new codes as […]

Adoption of Health IT Technologies in Rural Healthcare

I have been interacting a lot with Healthcare IT Decision Makers and CIOs, following many news article in Healthcare segment and so I thought of sharing some of my experiences and findings in Rural Healthcare segment.

When the world around us is growing at a rapid pace, the challenge in such scenario is to bring the need of providing quality healthcare at subsidized price to all, irrespective of the fact you stay in downtown or countryside. Imagine a scenario, where your next door neighbor going to better places far off in some other states or […]

Electronic Medical Records Implementation – 10 things to consider

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is one of the most popular terminology in Healthcare industry from quite a long time now and before I touch on 10 things one should consider before EMR implementation, let me elaborate an EMR.

From the name itself one may understand EMR is an electronic record that keeps patients information, medical investigations and history. To add on more I would further define EMR as patient record that can be electronically exchangeable and readable from anywhere around the globe and trustable when you as a doctor visit that record for further investigation.

But as an […]

Healthcare Future: Consumer Driven Collaborative Model

I am Debanjan Purkayastha leading Healthcare Competency Center at e-Zest and this is my first post on Healthcare. Like many loyal healthcare professional I also think healthcare as a domain is having huge potential and can provide high returns on investment to the companies focusing in it.

When I joined e-Zest I was surprised to see that within a short span of time almost 30% of the business at e-Zest were coming from Healthcare sector. And the kind of project e-Zest had developed ranges from PMS (Practice Management Systems)/ HIMS (Healthcare Information Management System) to […]