Tech Digest – Week 20, 2014

Mobility and cloud are the future of businesses, says Microsoft

At Microsoft’s own TechEd North America 2014 Conference, Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Solution declared mobility and cloud as the future of business. The IT giant also announced a series of new services, products, and partnerships that are available now or will be launched soon. These tools will help professionals, developers, general technology users and MSPs in cloud adoption.

With Microsoft and other big players making cloud a top priority, it is clear that the future of business is in the […]

Tech Digest – Week 19, 2014

For startups and small businesses, cloud computing will be the game changer

Through Cloud, companies can store, manage and process data and use programs online. This information can also be accessed from anywhere through multiple devices. All one needs, is a working internet connection which is an advantage for small companies who don’t have a huge IT budget.

Small companies were guilty of making poor tech choices in the past. They would either opt for expensive software designed for large companies or end up using inexpensive software lacking functionality. Cloud is giving these small companies a […]

Tech Digest – Week 18, 2014

Google gives a boost to its cloud services, acquires tech start-up Stackdriver

Search Engine giant Google has acquired tech start-up Stackdriver, which offers tools for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud environments. The startup will merge with Google’s cloud platform team.

Over the years, some developers have felt that the cloud services offered by other platforms are easier to use than Google. Before the acquisition, Google had limited monitoring capabilities, which was a pain point for developers who need to know exactly when an app stopped working.

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Big Data and Social Sciences

Big data is not just a […]

Visit the e-Zest exhibit at TiECon 2014 to help your company get the digital edge

In today’s world, the traditional ways of doing business are fast getting disrupted. This is especially more important in case of entrepreneurs like you. So, if you have been thinking of making that digital transformation at your organisation, let e-Zest step in! In the upcoming TiEcon 2014 to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California on May 16-17, come and visit booth number 242A and explore the bouquet of digital solutions e-Zest has to offer to your business.

In the event, e-Zest will showcase its expertise on cloud computing, enterprise mobility and […]

Tech Digest – Week 17, 2014

Opportunities flowing from public cloud to financial services sector

Financial services sector and banking institutions in particular are reaping huge benefits of using public cloud and cloud computing.  Stephen Schmidt, Vice-President and chief information security officer of Amazon Web Services (AWS) says the agility, cost saving and fast response of public cloud are some of the  major take away for financial enterprises which are driving them towards huge  business opportunities. AWS makes it easy to process vast amount of data quickly and cost-effectively, Schmidt said.

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Big Data influence on enterprise apps

Among the many […]