Technology Week in Review – Week 1, 2015

A Throwback to Cloud Computing in 2014

2014 was a great year for Cloud Computing. In the last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continued to grow and innovate. It unveiled many new services such as the new Lambda in the recent Reinvent conference. Microsoft is also catching up pretty fast and is becoming a significant cloud player thanks to its homogenous hybrid cloud offering.

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Applications, Not Infrastructure, are Driving the Money in Big Data

The real moolah in Big Data does not seem to be coming from companies selling Hadoop. Gainers in this space are […]

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TECH DIGEST – Week 51, 2014

Cloud Computing Trends in 2015

Cloud technologies will find more takers in 2015. It will become a key element in delivering IT services. Cloud will offer significant benefits over traditional on-premise services thanks to its speed and flexibility. However, cloud will also come with its fair share of challenges. Container based computing will speed up application development but create security challenges as well.

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Big Data Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

2015 will be a year where Big Data and Analytics technologies will become more standardized and broadly adopted. Hadoop will become more usable […]

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e-Zest releases its Technology Trends for 2015

e-Zest, a global IT services company offering new-age technology solutions to transform businesses, has released the technology trends that dictate technology investments in 2015. This year will see dramatic rise in investment in technologies that will work in tandem to give combined result to organizations. Organizations will no longer afford to invest in just one area of technology.

Continuing the research work from last year, e-Zest’s business research team has released its 10 technology trends prediction for 2015 after sifting through various researches, client interactions and discussing with internal technology practice teams. 2015 will see […]

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TECH DIGEST – Week 50, 2014

Sun Shining Bright for Cloud Computing

Cloud is used to some degree by close to 90% of businesses and has become the new standard for application development. It provides elastically scalable, self-service computing which enables the development of external and internal applications on top of this platform. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest player in the market, other companies such as Microsoft, IBM are also in the race. These big players will only help accelerate innovation and enterprise adoption.

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How Big Data is transforming the Music Industry

After years of declining music sales […]

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TECH DIGEST – Week 49, 2014

Cloud Computing to Pick Up Pace in the Future: Google

Technology giant Google has predicted that the best days for Cloud Computing lie ahead. The pace at which organizations are moving to the cloud is picking up and the prices of these services are expected to drop in the future. The adoption curve is accelerating and its coming from a variety of companies. Cloud is bigger than any other market in the world. Google is seeking growth beyond its advertising business and is relying heavily on the cloud.

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How Big Data will Shape Marketing […]

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