CeBIT Day 3: Of Snowden, Cloud and Big Data

Today, the big buzz was all about Edward Snowden’s live remote interview. The world’s most famous whistleblower’s work had led to a worldwide debate on privacy and put a spotlight on government intelligence sleuths. Snowden’s interview at an IT trade show is a little surprising, nevertheless we will take it.

At CeBIT 2015, lot of the talk is focused on the cloud-enabled digital transformation. How can cloud change the way companies do business tomorrow? What are the tools and technologies available to businesses that can solve the challenges they face today?

Speaking of challenges, e-Zest demonstrated […]

Two words underline CeBIT 2015: Digital Transformation

It would not be wrong to say that CeBIT 2015 is an important chapter in the evolution of digital transformation. While earlier no one was really sure of what digital transformation entails, CeBIT 2015 has managed to clear the air on this trend.

For starters, there has been big talk on Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, in CeBIT 2015. The key to Industry 4.0 is of course the Internet of Things and Digitization of the Industry. Digital Transformation of the industry will lead to better, more efficient production systems (aka smart factories) which will […]

Enterprise Mobility a key talking point at CeBIT 2015, Day 1

Businesses understand the important role enterprise mobility plays in the digital transformation mix. At the first day of CeBIT 2015 in Germany, one of the largest IT trade shows, a key focus area was enterprise mobility.

Tech giant Samsung Electronics showcased its commitment to the enterprise by launching Samsung Business, which unifies all of Samsung’s business solutions under one umbrella spread across healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, finance and transportation sectors. The company also displayed its commitment towards enterprise-based Internet of Things (IoT).

BlackBerry, through its security subsidiary Secusmart, also launched a tablet in partnership with IBM and Samsung, […]

Tech stories you must read in Week 11, 2015

Google vs AWS cloud war just got more interesting

The ongoing cloud war between Google and Amazon has become more interesting with Google releasing Nearline – a new beta cloud storage offering. The move is aimed at Google’s biggest rival in the cloud space Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nearline will be a public IaaS cloud service that will allow customers to store data at a low cost with quick retrieval.

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Focus on the two pillars of Big Data

Today, the world is moving towards Big Data 2.0. While the earlier generation of Big Data was […]

e-Zest will showcase its Big Data prowess at CeBIT Hannover 2015

e-Zest, a globat IT services company specialized in bringing digital transformation with new-age technologies, is going to present its Big Data capabilities at CeBIT 2015 happening at Hannover, Germany during 16th to 20th March.

e-Zest is going to showcase its wide array of Big Data offerings that are tuned for the today’s needs of organizations. Organizations are increasingly looking to find actionable insights into their data. e-Zest’s Big Data practice center works towards building best practices to understand the information contained within the data.

Arunkumar Nair, Practice Head – Big Data and Analytics at e-Zest said, […]