e-Zest celebrates its fourteenth year of foundation

It was a day of joy for all e-Zest members as the company celebrated its fourteenth year of foundation on August 8, 2014. The number 14 holds special significance for e-Zest, as indeed it does for the entire IT sector. Being the atomic number of silicon, an element which drives our industry, we are optimistic that our 14th birthday is our sign of greater things to come.

True to the spirit of our value system better known as OLIVZ where Z indicates Zest for Life, e-Zestians left no stone unturned to make the day a […]

Tech Digest – Week 31, 2014

How to plan your cloud computing path

Cloud Computing offers the best means to meet the increasing need for dynamic computing resources and reducing IT costs. Enterprises are slowly but surely responding to this technology wave. For most businesses the move to the cloud is geared towards addressing specific and critical business issues. Therefore, it is paramount to address cloud computing with the right goals in mind. It can solve the existing IT pain points for businesses.

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IT and Marketing partnership critical for Big Data and Analytics  

Outside the CIO’s office, CMOs spend the […]

How secure is the Enterprise Mobility world?

Work today is moving far from the traditional concepts that defined it. With the rise of the mobile era, companies today are veering towards flexible working arrangements that enable employees to complete their tasks with any convenient device. This mobility however, gives rise to some challenges that IT departments are addressing constantly. Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Content Management and security are some key areas of focus. The IT departments also needs to figure out the type of applications they need to develop to cater to this mobile workforce. With an […]

e-Zest CEO Devendra Deshmukh shares experiences about starting operations in the US

e-Zest CEO and Founder Devendra Deshmukh shed light on his experiences while setting up operations in the US at the recently held Scaale – IACC event. Scaale is a venture resource group headquartered in San Francisco. The objective of the event was to help growth stage companies understand all the operational angles before starting out in the US. This was done through  insights on Indo-US relations, real life experiences of senior entrepreneurs/ industry veterans and the support system available through Scaale Group.

Speaking about the challenges while setting up operation in US, Devendra said, “While […]

Tech Digest – Week 30, 2014

Three Things to do before adoption of cloud

For businesses looking to develop intimate customer relationships, a good infrastructure matters a lot. And this is where the special combination of hardware, software and services combine together to deliver on the promise of cloud. Organisations looking at the cloud model need to ensure that they have a flexible IT environment, build analytics-ready systems and integrate the front and back office. These key areas lay the right IT foundation for your business which ultimately leads to success.

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e-Commerce companies using Big Data analytics to enhance customer […]