How Enterprise Execs are Looking at Mobile Apps?

Mobility is transforming the way people work or consume information. In a recent survey of 200 enterprise executives regarding their outlook towards mobile app development, the challenges, and expectations, some interesting findings revealed:

For 50% of the executives, mobile app development was one of the top 5 priorities
56% of the enterprises are building the apps for consumers
30% of the respondents don’t know where to go for app development (surprising!)
76% of the respondents want to build apps for both mobile as well as tablet
44% of the respondents want to build anywhere between 2 to 10 apps in the coming year

With […]

Tech Digest – Week 28, 2014

Cloud Computing disrupting traditional offices

Cloud computing is radically transforming the traditional concept of offices. The information which was previously locked up inside the office premises can be accessed from anywhere now. Earlier, one used to go to offices to get hold of a computer, fax machines, copiers and files. Now, all of that is readily available on your laptop thanks to the cloud. In fact, most companies are relying on this ultra-networked age to get businesses through the connected matrix of contractors and freelancers.

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Big Data Connects Marketing and Finance

Big Data Analytics has become […]

The Fruits Of Enterprise Mobility Will Be Big.. And Blue

Apple’s relationship with the more traditional computing vendors has always been a bit unsettled and no name is more traditional in that space than IBM. New paradigms call for new alliances however so perhaps we should not be surprised at the news of IBM and Apple joining hands to specifically address the Enterprise Mobility needs of organizations worldwide. There seems to be plenty to cheer about for both the players. Apple gets a foothold in the Enterprise – something that has eluded it so far and IBM gets a sniff of the phone and […]

Tech Digest – Week 27, 2014

Cloud Computing significant for small businesses

The most exciting thing for small businesses looking to move to the cloud is the explosion of Big Data. Cloud provides a low cost platform for data storage and allows organisations to gain valuable insights from the data.

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Big Data will bring disruptive changes to the healthcare ecosystem

Big Data has the potential to make drug discovery and development more efficient. Through the combination of genomic and Real World Data (RWD), pharmaceutical companies are already identifying new disease pathways. Big Data, including RWD, improves both selection of target molecules […]

If you thought mobile apps are not important, think again!

According to latest report by comScore, mobile apps accounted for 51% of all the digital media time spent! Along with this, the report also mentions that mobile platforms and devices account for more than 60% of total digital media time spent – up from 50% in 2013. The consumers are shifting to mobile and this is a big milestone.

Mobile devices are clearly changing the way digital information is being consumed and there is no doubt that apps are dominating the digital world. Most companies and brands have come to realize that apps is the way […]