Technology news from around the globe-Week 43, 2015

AWS now generating $7B in sales every year

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an impressive growth story. The cloud-computing service has generated $2.1B revenue during the third quarter of the year. Over the last four quarters, the company has generated almost $7B in sales. Interestingly, AWS has generated an operating income similar to Amazon’s entire e-commerce business.

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Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility

A recent study has revealed that companies are spending a major chunk of their IT budgets towards mobility. In fact, around 68% of CIOs have identified mobility as a critical part of success. […]

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Cloud Computing for Support Function

Cloud is enabling digital transformation across many major functions, one of them being the support function. Customers are increasingly demanding and you need to make sure that your support systems are on top of the game. Cloud computing helps you deliver customer service at speed.

Managing your own technical support is a complex, expensive task. Migrating your support function to cloud helps you to focus on areas that deliver more value instead of just oiling the gears. The trend of outsourcing technical support is slowly blooming across businesses.

Cloud helps you automate many areas of the […]

Technology news handpicked for you – Week 42, 2015

Dell-EMC merger aimed at the cloud

The recent record-breaking $67 billion Dell-EMC merger is an effort aimed at becoming a dominant force in the cloud computing market. While EMC is growing fast, players such as AWS and Azure are a growing threat to the company’s distributed networked-server solution dominance.

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Big Data and the Middle East Refugee Crisis

The flight of refugees with no support infrastructure is a humanitarian crisis of the largest magnitude. Providing shelter, food and healthcare requires coordinated work amongst government, private and voluntary organizations. When tackling huge numbers like these, logistics […]

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SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

e-Learning anytime & anywhere
Digital has the power to transform how learning is provided and consumed. To make optimum use of the new and exciting possibilities offered by mobile offline learning does not always easy. From infrastructure, ecosystem and user experience, businesses must take great care to develop digital products that truly add to both the customer’s learning experience as well as brand’s bottom line.

Latest from e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center is ‘The SCORM Offline Player’. This hottest offering from the kilns of e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center works upon solving the problems of accessibility […]

The age of wearable

It’s just the beginning
There has been a lot of attention given in the past year to wearable devices. Now, the focus is shifting to issues of secondary importance. At present, the momentum is mainly about technology, design and platforms.

As our gadgets are getting closer to our bodies which promise to do almost everything, wearables lets these technologies impact us on a more personal level. As these gadgets become more intimate, it’s a given that their influence will only deepen.

The growing adoption of Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and a rising market for M2M is […]