Tech Digest – Week 29, 2014

AWS named as a leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant report

If you are confused about cloud providers for the next IT project at your company, Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be your best bet. For the third consecutive year, AWS has been named as a leader in the 2014 cloud Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant Report published by Gartner. With a broad range of low-cost, global IT resources, AWS Cloud is helping businesses grow. AWS provides business agility, accelerates innovation and reduces costs for companies across sectors.

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Retail Sector […]

Tech Digest – Week 28, 2014

Cloud Computing disrupting traditional offices

Cloud computing is radically transforming the traditional concept of offices. The information which was previously locked up inside the office premises can be accessed from anywhere now. Earlier, one used to go to offices to get hold of a computer, fax machines, copiers and files. Now, all of that is readily available on your laptop thanks to the cloud. In fact, most companies are relying on this ultra-networked age to get businesses through the connected matrix of contractors and freelancers.

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Big Data Connects Marketing and Finance

Big Data Analytics has become […]

Tech Digest – Week 27, 2014

Cloud Computing significant for small businesses

The most exciting thing for small businesses looking to move to the cloud is the explosion of Big Data. Cloud provides a low cost platform for data storage and allows organisations to gain valuable insights from the data.

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Big Data will bring disruptive changes to the healthcare ecosystem

Big Data has the potential to make drug discovery and development more efficient. Through the combination of genomic and Real World Data (RWD), pharmaceutical companies are already identifying new disease pathways. Big Data, including RWD, improves both selection of target molecules […]

e-Zest featured in CIO Review 2014

e-Zest Solutions featured as one of the most 20 promising Healthcare software companies in India
e-Zest has been ranked among the 20 most promising healthcare and life sciences software companies in India. The list was published by CIO Review, a leading technology magazine which showcases enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow.

The report is a testimony to e-Zest’s quality product engineering services spanning over 13 years. The article particularly showcases the in-depth healthcare domain knowledge of e-Zest and highlights success stories of the company.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 26, 2014

Cloud Computing achieves mainstream adoption in the UK

According to latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), 78% of the enterprises in the UK have formally adopted at least one cloud service. This indicates a 15% growth over the same period last year.

Most organisations prefer to use cloud for web hosting, email, CRM, data-backup and disaster recovery. It is also popularly used for video conferencing, collaboration solutions, HR apps and data storage. Private companies prefer cloud as a delivery model due to its flexibility whereas public sector companies use it for operational cost savings.

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