Tech stories making the rounds – Week 31, 2015

Alibaba will invest $1bn in Cloud Computing

Alibaba is upping its cloud game with a $1bn investment in this space. The move is aimed at emulating the growth of Amazon in the cloud computing sector. The Chinese e-commerce group is the leading cloud computing provider at home with its Aliyun enjoying a 30% market share. Alibaba has been aggressively pushing its cloud service outside China as well. The company has also built its first data centre in Silicon Valley to support its clients in the region.
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First steps towards Big Data Analytics

One of the […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 30, 2015

Leverage the cloud for business benefits

Cloud computing has become completely mainstream and not just adopted by a few technology-savvy companies. It is transforming many businesses worldwide and holds the potential to transform your organization. For many companies, security is a huge challenge. A good cloud service provider actually boosts your security levels and protects your business from the latest threats. Efficient providers also make sure that you receive timely updates and maintain compliance with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.

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Big Data for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies deal with thousands of insurance claims every […]

e-Zest on Business Today 2015

e-Zest recently found a mention in Business Today, one of the leading business magazines in India. The article was about the use of social media to drive employee engagement.

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 29, 2015

Microsoft Azure increasingly gaining popularity

Microsoft Azure is rising fast as the preferred cloud computing platform for the technology industry. Recently Odin, an enterprise virtualization company started its support of Azure services automation through the Microsoft CSP program. The CSP program which was launched at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, will help service providers to offer Azure services.

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Nearly half of the Indian firms running Big Data projects

Many organizations are embracing Big Data to reap the benefits of this new technology. A new study has revealed that 44% of Indian firms have implemented a […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 28, 2015

Device Farm will make it easier to test apps in AWS

At the recently held AWS Summit, Amazon launched a new service that will help developers to test mobile apps in its cloud. Called the AWS Device Farm, it helps developers to ensure that their code works on Amazon Fire OS and Android mobile devices. The service automatically tests the code and gives insights to developers. Device Farm also offers reports and screenshots.

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Healthcare Marketing Analytics for healthcare providers

Due to complex compliance and security needs, the healthcare sector has been slow towards technology adoption. […]