TECH DIGEST – Week 41, 2014

IBM, SAP tie up to offer cloud computing to enterprises

Two of the tech industry’s biggest giants – IBM and SAP have tied up to offer cloud computing services to enterprises. This only reinforces the growing clout of cloud computing in the enterprise space. According to the deal, IBM will provide cloud infrastructure services to SAP which will run its HANA Enterprise Cloud on them. For IBM, this is the third big partnership this year after tie-ups with Apple and Xamarin. For SAP, it boosts their existing strategy to offer their applications worldwide.

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Best […]

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Digital evolution and the new marketing norm

In this time of technological innovation and digital hyper connectivity, marketers need to make best friends with real time marketing tools. With the rise of wearables and machine to machine communication digital marketers today need to interpret business intelligence to connect with their target audience through brilliant digital experiences. What digital marketers need to understand is that these digital experiences have to tap into the very minds of the customers by providing intelligent experiences both online and in the physical retail outlet.

Real time marketing is allowing marketers to create integrated experiences using technologies to […]

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TECH DIGEST – Week 40, 2014

Cloud Computing trumps all other strategic technologies

Cloud computing is dominating the strategic technology trends for 2015, according to the reports of Gartner. Strategic technology is defined as the one with the potential for a significant impact on organisations in the coming three years. The three main themes with tech trends of 2015 include the merging of real and virtual worlds, technology impact of the digital business sight and intelligence everywhere. Cloud presents scalable, self-service computing, and both internal and external applications will be built in this style. The study also predicts the demise of […]

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IBM and Xamarin partnership to boost enterprise mobility

IBM has tied up with Xamarin to help developers build great native apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms which can be easily linked to enterprise data and systems. This move comes as a result of the growing need for enterprise systems to be made available on smartphones.

Thanks to this move, the developers will be able to take advantage of C# to build applications and reuse code. They can use Xamarin’s IDE or Visual Studio to build the apps. IBM has a new SDK which can be used by developers to connect these apps […]

TECH DIGEST – Week 39, 2014

What influences the adoption of cloud computing?

Typically, a cloud is a combination of hardware and software which are easily accessible through the internet. The elements of cloud computing include on-demand self-service, broad network access, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, resource pooling, elasticity, cost and multi-tenancy of data. Moreover, it can track actual computer utilization by its users. The resource usage can be easily monitored, controlled and reported to provide transparency to both service providers and customers. Cloud brings in immense financial benefits to companies.

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Big Data can help constructions save energy

For many years, people had no […]

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