Tech stories making the rounds – Week 26, 2015

Trends in Cloud Strategy

Cloud Computing forms a key part of IT strategies across enterprises today. This year, many enterprise workloads will move to the cloud. The hybrid cloud computing model will also gain traction this year. The enterprise applications will also be cloud optimized.

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Spotify acquires a Data Analytics startup

To counter pressure from streaming music services such as Apple Music and Google Play music, Spotify acquired a small data analytics startup. The startup Seed Scientific used to work earlier with Beats Music, which was later absorbed by Apple. This move should presumably help […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 25, 2015

Cloud Computing with Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is entering the cloud computing fray in the US through strategic partnerships with domestic businesses. Aliyun, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba, wants to expand its service without investing in localized infrastructure. The e-commerce giant has partnered with seven companies including Intel and Singtel. This initiative is a part of Alibaba’s Marketplace Alliance Program, which utilizes partners to deliver cloud services for the international market. This will further increase competition among cloud powerhouses – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM.

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Debunking Big Data and Hadoop […]

e-Zest organizes blood donation drive

e-Zestians are known for commitment towards their work. However, yet another facet of e-Zest team members is their commitment to social causes. Keeping up with the tradition of contributing to the society, e-Zest conducted a blood donation drive at its Kothrud office today. The camp was held in association with Jehangir Hospital, Pune and Apollo Munich Health insurance Company.

Many team members enthusiastically participated in the camp. e-Zest has organized many blood donation camps and the turnout in this camp was no different. Participants also encouraged their team members to donate blood at the camp.

Devendra […]

The Best Tech Stories – Week 24, 2015

Marriage of DevOps and PaaS

The PaaS market is growing rapidly and is estimated to hit $14B by 2017. PaaS was predicted to replace DevOps but both of them continue to work interdependently. The ops team focuses on providing a stable and reliable environment that in turn allows developers to focus on creating code. Maturing PaaS systems recognize and enhance this marriage by enabling an environment of rapid iteration towards a better product. The attraction of managed private PaaS for small, medium, and even large companies is that they can start faster, and with reduced […]

Tech stories we picked for you – Week 23, 2015

Cloud a cheaper way of storing data

Data storage systems have evolved considerably with new features and technologies such as Flash Catching, Tiering, Thin Provisioning and Deduplication. Data security and data retrieval time are the two major aspects to be looked for while choosing the right technology for data storage. Cloud data storage is extremely cost effective as they charge on pay-per-use basis with limited or unlimited GB storage plans.

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Big Data for Keyboard

Big data extensively in social networking for handling and processing large amounts of data. Now Big Data is helping other systems […]