Tech news that’s exciting us – Week 35, 2015

Intel leads $100 million investment in OpenStack Company

Intel is betting big on the future of cloud services. The tech giant has led a $100 million funding in an OpenStack Company Mirantis. This investment will help Mirantis optimize its features and gain wider acceptance in the industry. In just five years, OpenStack has become one of the leading cloud platforms for global companies

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How Big Data helped HP organize its fleet of vehicles?

HP is a huge company with a fleet of around 6000 vehicles. If the company could drive efficiencies in the system, it […]

Tech stories handpicked for you -Week 34, 2015


Office 365 most popular cloud service

A recent report by identity and mobility management service firm Okta has revealed that Microsoft’s Office 365 is the most popular cloud service. According to the study, Office 365 trumps more than 4,000 of-the-shelf cloud-based products. The report is good news for Microsoft has CEO Satya Nadella has been focusing on mobile and cloud technologies for driving the company’s growth.

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MapR Hadoop-based big data platform now available at AWS Marketplace

MapR Technologies has now made its platform available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hadoop-based MapR distribution for big data processing […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 33, 2015


Oracle Cloud gaining popularity in Eastern Europe

Oracle is set to become a cloud-centric company. The company has steered more than 90% of the Oracle software to work in the cloud. Apart from the new services, the company has specialists which are helping their consumers adopt cloud solutions. The company’s cloud services are already becoming popular in Eastern Europe. The company delivers its services from 22 datacenters around the world.

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Taking on Social Problems with Big Data

Big Data is increasingly becoming widespread in the public sector. Cities have initiated measures to make data more […]

e-Zest celebrates 15 years of spreading digital

It was a day of pride for team members as e-Zest celebrated its 15-year anniversary today. Formed in 2000, e-Zest completes 15 years on August 8, 2015. The party began early with the entire office sporting a colourful look with balloons and rangolis to celebrate the e-Zest spirit.

As is customary at e-Zest, the day was marked as traditional day. Team members donned the choicest of attires – ranging from traditional sarees to smashing kurtas. The myriad colours and clothing showcased the diversity that is nurtured by e-Zest.

The evening was celebrated with a fun quiz […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 32, 2015


Microsoft brings updates to Azure

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF is essentially a cloud service for data integration which will aid in the process of gathering data from multiple sources for analysis. Businesses can use ADF to compose the existing data processing services into data pipelines which are highly available and managed in the cloud.

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Big Data for Supply Chain Efficiency

Data collection, increased computing power along with analytics has created opportunities for businesses to build massive, detailed models which can cover everything from raw material costs to […]