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Microsoft Exchange 2010 : Pathbreaking email server technology

Recently, I have attended Hands On Lab for MS Exchange 2000. It’s really amazing product with valuable enterprise features.

MS Exchange 2010 is part of new generation of Microsoft server technology built from the ground up to work on-premises and as an online service. Exchange 2010 introduces a new integrated e-mail archive and features to help reduce costs and improve the user experience.

Exchange 2010 will help organizations reduce costs, protect communications and delight e-mail users with capabilities to do the following:

Lower costs with more flexible deployment and management options. Exchange 2010 provides organizations with the […]

Delivering enterprise apps on iPhone – iPod Touch

With the iPhone is leading its place in the consumer market, it is now also making inroads within enterprises. Especially with OS 3.0 iPhone have made great strides in adding security features geared specifically for the enterprise. Many believe that the iPhone will be the most adopted enterprise device in 2009-10. So the next time you see the iPhone/iPod touch around, it may be in the hands of your competitors, clients, partners, or colleagues.  iPhone is becoming hottest device for the mobile Enterprise & mobile workforce. Business users are actively embracing iPhone and bringing […]

Curl for Enterprise RIA development

RIA is already excelling in B2C environment with all sorts of applications being developed on it. Adobe AIR, Flex, JavaFX has contributed heavily to its popularity with their capability to animate, 3D UI with simple programming and lot many other things.
Enterprise applications’ RIA requirements are different than B2C applications. Enterprise RIA applications need complex graphics (charts, pie diagrams) and reports, large data sets, offline and online support through sync feature, high scalability, SOA and standards, platform independence, high performance, better security, and manageability with ease.
Curl is catering to enterprise RIA audience through its language […]

Union Budget 09-10 & impact on Indian IT industry

From IT industry perspective & from my perspective, as an IT entrepreneur, this budget is average one.

Especially STPI scheme is extended only for 1 year, expectations were for min. extension for next 3 year. In absence of long term policy, many SME’s cannot plan for strategic initiatives. Larger IT companies already opting for SEZ. MAT increase by 5% also will put additional stress on liquidity.

A) Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) abolishment B) Exempt value attributable to the transfer of the right to use packaged software from excise duty and CVD  C) Service tax refund mechanism based […]

RIA technology evaluation & comparison

The web world is becoming more and more demanding. Now, 7 out of 10 projects demand rich internet application (RIA). Since RIAs are bridging the gap between desktop and web applications they have become the topic of talk. RIA has taken web applications to a new level where it is difficult to distinguish web and desktop application interface. The user feels like he is using his desktop application.

The RIA frameworks that has made this possible are Flex, JavaFX, Air, and Curl. At e-Zest we work in all of these technologies. Recently, we have evaluated […]