Tech Digest – Week 33, 2014

The future of cloud computing: XaaS

While IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are the cloud service models today, the future will see something known as XaaS, or Anything-as-a-Service. While it’s still not a widely used term, it essentially means a new type of cloud service where IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are all neatly delivered in one package. These packages are meant to fully replace the delivery of a commodity IT service. One example of XaaS is desktop as a service or DaaS. The emergence of XaaS is being seen as a natural evolution for this market, […]

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Windows Azure vault creation

Steps used to Azure recovery vault:

1) Login to Azure management console
once you go to console at url

2) Go to recovery manager in left corner

3) Vault creation

Simply go to Recovery services from NEW. Then create vault as shown in picture.

Once vault is created it looks like the following console:

4) Certificate management:

When you create a vault then it asks for managing certificate.

If you don’t have a certificate, you can use ready tools available.

Tool for certificate making

-Use makecert.exe tool for certificate creation.

-Use following command for certificate creation

makecert.exe -r -pe -n CN=CertificateName -ss my -sr localmachine […]

Are Marketing Apps Changing the Way Content is Delivered?

Content marketing today does not need justification. It has become more or less a standard and accepted way of marketing. While more and more marketers have embraced content marketing, there still lies some confusion about type of content to create, how to make it engaging and how to derive true business value from it.

It is important that content should be delivered in real-time based on consumer behavioral patterns, it should be engaging and visual and it should be very easy to share useful content.

Some of the major challenges which marketers are facing today include:

According […]

TABit: The little mobile monster

Which phone do you own? The answer to that would only be valid a few months from now. Mobile devices are the party wear of this generation: you buy one for as long as it is ‘trendy’ and dispense it off as fast as it came in after the next advertisement is out. Every manufacturer out there knows that the time elapsed between the device going off the shelf and into the trash-can is diminishing. This is one scenario that TABit seeks to leverage.

The other is the rapid foray of tablet computers into the […]

How to become an efficient Tester?

A good tester is not the one who finds more bugs in testing. There are a few aspects to be considered if you really want to become an efficient tester. And here are some of the aspects discussed, that may help you in some way or the other.

Set your Testing priorities-

It is always best to test what is most important. Test the most critical parts of the application first rather than going into the minor details at the beginning. This will really ease your burden and pressure, as the most valuable bugs will be […]