Stop your IT Projects from being ‘Redzoned’

IT project management is often viewed as a circus of sorts. With project managers grappling with the triple constraints of time, scope and costs, projects often get mismanaged resulting in money and time leakages. However, there are some key guidelines to save a project to get into the red zone.

First, you have to understand key indicators of a ‘Red’ project in an IT context. They are:

Any project that is facing a challenge to meet its objectives or agreed parameters
Team is continuously missing set deadlines
Project has high impacting risks
Evaporating budgets

Obviously, your goal should be prevent […]

Amazon announces slew of product offerings at AWS re:Invent 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a big priority for Amazon. If there were any doubters to this fact, it was all laid to rest at the first keynote of re:Invent 2015 where Amazon announced many new AWS service offerings. Clearly, Jeff Bezos sees a lot of potential in its cloud computing arm and is investing heavily to stave off competition from the likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM and Salesforce.

The first big announcement from the AWS stables was the launch of QuickSight, which is a business intelligence tool on the cloud. This service will pit […]

Guide to Usability Testing

Usability testing involves checking the ease with which an end user can understand a product. It ensures that the end user of the app will get the experience the app is designed to deliver.

In usability testing, you confirm the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve defined goals in particular environments.  It is an extremely effective way of helping you understand the steps you can take to improve the user’s app experience and development focus.

In the first step, you find out about the objectives and targeted audience for the application. Then comes […]

Technologynews making the rounds-Week 40, 2015

Microsoft Azure beating AWS and Google Cloud Platform in India

Microsoft is the first big cloud to begin operations in India. The news was revealed at Microsoft’s Azurecon, a virtual conference related to Azure. Azure is the tech giant’s hyperscale cloud platform which gives consumers unlimited computing capabilities. Microsoft Azure is growing fast and moving towards the $7 billion mark this year.

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Self-ServiceBig Data – The next big thing?

Adoption of Hadoop has been limited because the program was not designed for speed, security and ease of use for end users. An online analytics processing […]

Delivery management – it’s my baby, quite literally!

The recently gained motherhood has taught me heaps of management lessons that I think any course or certification wouldn’t provide. I also happened to read a post by Jennifer (Zankan) Berson where she explains why moms make kick-ass entrepreneurs & employees. I thought these ‘mom-skills’ would help a lot and can be adopted for better outcomes while delivering IT projects.

Here are examples of some of the important project management knowledge areas and my thoughts of managing them in a ‘mom-style’.

Communication management:

We understand the power of communication and start talking to our babies well before […]