How to install S3cmd and command to use s3cmd

s3cmd is a command line utility used for creating s3 buckets, uploading, retrieving and managing data to Amazon s3 storage. Let’s see how to use install s3cmd and manage s3 buckets via command line in easy steps.

Follow the steps below to install S3cmd tool :

tar -xvzf s3cmd-1.5.0-alpha1.tar.gz
cd s3cmd-1.5.0-alpha1
python install
yum install python-magic
s3cmd –configure


1) To list all the buckets from s3

S3cmd ls

2) Create the bucket  

# s3cmd mb s3://priyaTest

Bucket ‘s3://priyaTest/’ created

3) To list the bucket content

# s3cmd ls s3://priyaTest/

2014-01-24 13:22        35   s3://priyaTest/S3put.txt

4) To put the single file into the s3

# s3cmd put S3put.txt […]

e-Zest exhibiting cutting-edge cloud solutions in CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company, will be showcasing its cloud computing competency at CeBIT 2015, which is being held at Hannover Germany during 16th to 20th March. e-Zest cloud services and solutions are aimed at bringing much required robust and scalable foundation for digital transformation initiatives within organizations.

e-Zest is going to display its strength in the areas of cloud consulting, development, migration and managed services of AWS, Azure and Openstack cloud for public, private and hybrid environment. Apart from this, it is going to showcase a very unique solution built in-house – […]

EHRs quickly becoming Indispensable in Medicine

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) were introduced to reduce the paper work of physicians and nurses and help them to concentrate more on their practice. But EHRs really saving time of doctors? More importantly, how many physicians are really using EHR?

There are more such pressing questions answers of which are yet to be found. EHRs were implemented to improve quality of care but they haven’t found widespread adoption. There are some primary reasons for this trend:-

Patient Information Security: Patient information is not secure as access to this information is easy. Doctors want security and access […]

Why you should use Sitecore CMS?

Content management system (CMS) is one of the most important and popular systems in the web world. CMS provides the facility of adding, editing, deleting, organizing and publishing content from a central interface. While these are traditional features, the new CMS’ boast of more features such SEO, e-commerce, social forums, document management, media management and the likes on various devices.

There are many CMS tools available, each with their own pros and cons. After working with umpteen CMS tools, I recommend Sitecore CMS which is a powerful framework for enterprise solutions.

What really differentiates Sitecore from […]

A Fun Day at Garudmachi

The last day of February turned out to be a memorable one for e-Zestians as they descended to Garudmachi – High Places located about 75 kms away from Pune. The place, thanks to its awesome weather, lush green forests and fresh air, offered e-Zest team members an opportunity to unwind and spend some time away from their workstations.

The team members, split in two buses, started early from the office. The two-hour ride passed in a jiffy with mini-games and singing sessions entertaining everyone in the bus. Upon reaching Garudmachi, breakfast was served to everyone. […]