What’s new in JMeter 2.13?

Apache Software Foundation has released a new version of JMeter ‘Version 2.13’.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features introduced in the newest version of JMeter:


Backend Listener: New Async BackendListener with Graphite implementation’ has been added. This will allow sending result data to a backend listener.
View results in Table and Tree: A new metric called ‘Connect Time’ has been added.
Aggregate Graph and Report: The listeners Aggregate Graph and Aggregate Report previously showed only the 90 percentile (historical behavior). Now, 95 percentile and 99 percentile have been added which are customizable.


HTTP Request: […]

Tech Stories You Should Read – Week 13, 2015

New Azure Backup and Recovery Services launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has released new features for its Azure Backup Services. The company is also launching new functionality for its Azure Site Recovery Services. It will be more relevant to companies that employ the hybrid cloud model. Using the Azure Backup service, organizations can ensure that their SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Windows clients and Hyper-V virtual machines applications are always backed up.

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Five points to save Big Data projects from failure

It has been observed that almost 50% of the Big Data projects fail due to various reasons. […]

Connected Cars: The Future of Automobile?

It is an exciting time for the automobile industry. While the industry had been relatively passive for a long time, the industry is seeing a lot of digital transformation from companies such as Google and Tesla with driverless cars. While that may be an experiment for the distant future, more near-term opportunities are being created by Internet of Things (IoT) powered connected cars.

Connected cars are cars that are connected with the internet and a wireless LAN. This allows the vehicle to communicate with other devices. Early last year, technology major Google formed the Open […]

Why Joomla! is my Favourite CMS?

My passion for Joomla! drove me towards the first blog about this technology. There are tons of material available on technical topics online and I wanted to contribute something meaningful. In the current dynamic business ecosystem, as a PHP developer I have had opportunities to work with many CMS and frameworks. Then I thought, in all these years, which has been my most preferred CMS? And the answer was – Joomla!

Today, when everything is managed by software alone, it is not enough just to have a flexible and modular approach in content and codes […]

How Pareto chart helps in continuous process improvement?

The Pareto chart is a test reporting tool. The Pareto chart graphically shows where significant problems and causes are in a process. Pareto Chart is one of the most effective tools for management and can use to identify steps needed for setting priorities. This way, the management can find out the severity and causes of the problems and can prioritize tasks, risks, activities and causes.

A Pareto chart can be used when data is available or can be readily collected from a process. The use of this tool occurs early in the continuous improvement process […]