The potential of Apple Watch in Healthcare

With its planned release in early 2015, the Apple Watch would be the most groundbreaking development in the area of personalized technology. It is even more thrilling to imagine the value that it can potentially add to the healthcare industry.

Apple has created WatchKit which provides new tools and APIs for developers to create unique experiences designed for the wrist. This will allow developers to create WatchKit apps for actionable notifications which will provide timely information. Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch on the iOS […]

TECH DIGEST – Week 37, 2014

How to design your Cloud Computing strategy

Cloud is a buzzword that just cannot escape any technology conversation nowadays. Most companies have begun to understand it, but do not know where to start. Typically, this happens when the leadership is pushing to embrace cloud without a specific need. The good part is that cloud applications are mature offerings. They are easy to integrate, boast of rich features and deliver the immense value.

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Big Data transforming healthcare for the better

Big Data is transforming the scale and scope of how doctors and insurance companies approach healthcare […]

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Enterprise Mobility Spends On the Rise

More and more organizations are embracing mobility solutions that allow employees to remain connected with work while on the go. A recent survey commissioned by Oracle called “The Connected Enterprise: Keeping Pace with Mobile Development” shows a huge increase in the Mobile IT spend of organizations. According to this survey, mobile related IT expenses are set to increase by almost 50% over the next two years to make way for the enterprise of the future. Even though mobility has been on the radar of enterprises for a while now and the rapid rise of mobile […]

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Photoshop CS6 ‘Save for Web’ Images Batch processing, keeping nested folder structure intact

Images are an integral and important part during any website or application development. It has a direct impact on the visual appearance & on the performance of the application/website. Higher in size, images take time to load and it slows down the page loading process. Whereas, inappropriate and low resolution images may be pixelated and they may degrade the look-n-feel of the visual.

So to overcome it, we can use the Adobe Photoshop ‘Save for web’ utility which gives us the optimized resolution (72 dpi) images for web use.

But when you are required to run […]

The Re-engineering of product/project

Why would one think of re-engineering of a product/project in the first place or redoing the same stuff again?

What factors really decide that we need to re-engineer the product or site? They would be something as follows:

The functionality is not designed as per the requirement
The designed code is in written in such a way that no up-gradation is possible.
Do we have the bandwidth and budget to do so?

Now what needs to be considered while redoing the old project?

Do we require to redo the entire project/product again or only a part of would be sufficient?

The […]