Current trends in mHealth

With the introduction of HealthKit for Apple’s iPhone6, there is going to be a major impact for the overall growth of the healthcare industry. HealthKit allows the user to monitor and track personal health metrics and creates Electronic Health records/Personal Health records and also has features to send this record to a physician/doctor. Apple is already partnering with vendors like Epic to share EHR data through the tool.

Samsung now has first ‘mover advantage’ in android with the launch of galaxy S5 which has heart rate sensor and SHealth along with Samsung gear SAMI range, […]

Why SCRUM for mobile development?

Managing a mobile project always has its own set of unique challenges just like all the other projects that are meant to be successful in the IT industry. Mobile technology being in vogue and being everywhere and for everybody, the challenges become more complex and need a special treatment. There are instances when all that client have is an IDEA (rather a MILLION “$$$$” idea). And with huge diversity in the domains such as Mobile OS, user age group and (super*) human expectation/imagination of the human beings, the work becomes even more challenging.

I have […]

Apple Pay – Revolutionizing Currency Digitalization

Currency digitalization is a part of this century revolution. We have moved out from dealing with bills and papers and moved on to e-commerce, Digital Cards for debit and credit. Meanwhile the technology leaders are accelerating to push people with more easier, advanced and digital way to deal with transactions. Near Field Communication (NFC) has been here for a long time now. But the common reluctance of penetrating in a new way for transactions was observed. The adaption rate had been quite slow.

Apple Pay seems to have conquered all the basic hindrances, being the […]

Why Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing are the business match made in heaven?

Businesses today are increasingly leveraging the power of mobile to improve business opportunities. Today Mobile makes up almost 60% of internet usage, it is thus a no-brainer to have a mobile strategy. The dilemma for organizations is where should businesses invest to get more mileage from the money spent?There are an overwhelming number of options for businesses today to leverage digital channels for marketing optimization. From Google Ads, SEO, Content Marketing to Social Media Marketing to many other mediums and channels, there are some great options that are already being tried and tested. However, […]

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TECH DIGEST – Week 38, 2014

Why Hybrid Cloud maybe your best bet?

Public clouds offer significant financial savings to enterprises. However, they come with inherent security and accessibility concerns. Private cloud environments are more powerful, flexible and secure, but they are significantly more expensive. Offering the best of both worlds are hybrid clouds. They offer the cost efficiency and flexibility of the public cloud while being as secure as a private cloud. For instance, a typical hybrid cloud might employ an S3 bucket for archived data but use in-house storage for production data. Hybrid clouds offer distinct benefits to SMEs looking to expand their computing […]

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