SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

e-Learning anytime & anywhere
Digital has the power to transform how learning is provided and consumed. To make optimum use of the new and exciting possibilities offered by mobile offline learning does not always easy. From infrastructure, ecosystem and user experience, businesses must take great care to develop digital products that truly add to both the customer’s learning experience as well as brand’s bottom line.

Latest from e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center is ‘The SCORM Offline Player’. This hottest offering from the kilns of e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center works upon solving the problems of accessibility […]

The age of wearable

It’s just the beginning
There has been a lot of attention given in the past year to wearable devices. Now, the focus is shifting to issues of secondary importance. At present, the momentum is mainly about technology, design and platforms.

As our gadgets are getting closer to our bodies which promise to do almost everything, wearables lets these technologies impact us on a more personal level. As these gadgets become more intimate, it’s a given that their influence will only deepen.

The growing adoption of Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and a rising market for M2M is […]

Technology news making headlines – Week 41, 2015

Amazon announces slew of product offerings at AWS re:Invent 2015

At the first keynote of re:Invent 2015, Amazon announced many new AWS service offerings. Clearly, Jeff Bezos sees a lot of potential in its cloud computing arm and is investing heavily to stave off competition from the likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM and Salesforce. The big announcements were QuickSight, Kinesis Firehose, Amazon Snowball and Amazon Inspector.

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Intel battling Parkinson’s with Big Data

While Intel may not be known as a Big Data company like Microsoft and IBM are, the company is leveraging the technology for […]

AWS re:Invent Day 2: IoT and Big Data become the key focus

If the announcements on AWS re:Invent Day 1 were not exciting enough already, day 2 saw more big announcements from Amazon. In the keynote by Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, it was pretty clear that big data and IoT will be a key focus area for the company going forward.

One of the most exciting announcements was about the AWS IoT, a managed cloud platform to connect with cloud applications and other devices. With AWS IoT, devices such as cars, turbines, lightbulbs and sensor grids, among others can easily connect to AWS services to […]

Stop your IT Projects from being ‘Redzoned’

IT project management is often viewed as a circus of sorts. With project managers grappling with the triple constraints of time, scope and costs, projects often get mismanaged resulting in money and time leakages. However, there are some key guidelines to save a project to get into the red zone.

First, you have to understand key indicators of a ‘Red’ project in an IT context. They are:

Any project that is facing a challenge to meet its objectives or agreed parameters
Team is continuously missing set deadlines
Project has high impacting risks
Evaporating budgets

Obviously, your goal should be prevent […]