TECH DIGEST – Week 50, 2014

Sun Shining Bright for Cloud Computing

Cloud is used to some degree by close to 90% of businesses and has become the new standard for application development. It provides elastically scalable, self-service computing which enables the development of external and internal applications on top of this platform. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest player in the market, other companies such as Microsoft, IBM are also in the race. These big players will only help accelerate innovation and enterprise adoption.

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How Big Data is transforming the Music Industry

After years of declining music sales […]

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PLIS! Have an Effective Hobby – Part II

There are no good or bad hobbies, or cool or uncool hobbies. As I wrote earlier, it is a matter of perspective. Rockstars are born in every domain, whether you think that is cool or uncool. An effective hobby is something that is practiced for at least half an hour every day. That is non-negotiable. There is some jazz about doing something for 21 days and then it automatically becomes a part of your schedule. 21 days or not, squeezing anything into your schedule needs commitments repeated over time to make it ‘muscled up’ […]

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PLIS! Have an Effective Hobby – Part I

Writing blogs is a great hobby. I hope I do get that bribe from the marketing team now, for saying that. Truisms apart, we all can admit writing an essay sometime back in the past that might have read as ‘My Hobby’. It was probably the exercise that introduced us to terms like philately and numismatics, when we had to fabricate stuff in the absence of none!

However fictional our accounts may have been then, the importance of an ‘effective hobby’ today is only heightened by our demanding routines and machinated tasks that risk lazying […]

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The Evolution of EHRs

Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the most commonly used term for software which provides functionality to store, access and use medical information of patients. EHRs (or EMRs) reduce paper work of physicians and helps them to concentrate more on their patients. Many hospitals and clinics prefer EHRs over paper records to store patient information and medical data. EHRs allows physicians to access patient information and medical history anytime and update new information easily.

EHR was introduced first around the 1960s and has evolved with time. Initially many physicians found it difficult to […]

TECH DIGEST – Week 49, 2014

Cloud Computing to Pick Up Pace in the Future: Google

Technology giant Google has predicted that the best days for Cloud Computing lie ahead. The pace at which organizations are moving to the cloud is picking up and the prices of these services are expected to drop in the future. The adoption curve is accelerating and its coming from a variety of companies. Cloud is bigger than any other market in the world. Google is seeking growth beyond its advertising business and is relying heavily on the cloud.

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How Big Data will Shape Marketing […]

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