Google updates local search algorithm, ranking changes already visible

Technology giant Google recently updated its search algorithm which is geared to impact the local search results. The update will provide Google users with more precise and relevant local search results for Google Maps and Places. A Search Engine Land report calls it the Pigeon Update, a funny way to put across the point that it affects local search results (And pigeons tend to fly back home!).

The report has also stated that Google wants the Pigeon update to tie deeper with their web search capabilities. Google has also informed that this updated local search […]

Internet of Things: The undergoing revolution in healthcare

Healthcare reform has been long overdue. The sector has been mired by inefficiencies and lack of quality services in real time. All of that is changing now with the steady influx of internet-connected devices in the market. The popular buzzword – Internet of Things or IoT – has already captured the world’s attention. Now, IoT is beginning to transform and empower healthcare services.

With the use of smartphones and intelligent healthcare applications that run on them, people have already begun dabbling with internet-connected devices as tools to monitor their health. IoT will take off from […]

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: The transformation is underway

Manufacturing is a key element in the growth of any country. The sector is witnessing a tremendous change through digitization of its processes. Some have even likened it to the Third Industrial Revolution. The key element in making manufacturing smarter is – The Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT, along with Big Data and M2M communications, fundamentally alters the traditional approach to manufacturing. While the legacy approach involved a sort of disconnect with the operational systems, adoption of IoT in manufacturing calls for a more open approach from companies. The technology will enable companies to collect […]

Tech Digest – Week 29, 2014

AWS named as a leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant report

If you are confused about cloud providers for the next IT project at your company, Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be your best bet. For the third consecutive year, AWS has been named as a leader in the 2014 cloud Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant Report published by Gartner. With a broad range of low-cost, global IT resources, AWS Cloud is helping businesses grow. AWS provides business agility, accelerates innovation and reduces costs for companies across sectors.

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Retail Sector […]

Tech Digest – Week 28, 2014

Cloud Computing disrupting traditional offices

Cloud computing is radically transforming the traditional concept of offices. The information which was previously locked up inside the office premises can be accessed from anywhere now. Earlier, one used to go to offices to get hold of a computer, fax machines, copiers and files. Now, all of that is readily available on your laptop thanks to the cloud. In fact, most companies are relying on this ultra-networked age to get businesses through the connected matrix of contractors and freelancers.

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Big Data Connects Marketing and Finance

Big Data Analytics has become […]