Your Friday Dose of Tech News – Week 21, 2015

Businesses should think about the hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud model offers immense benefits and cost savings. Businesses across sectors are adopting the hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud helps organizations to balance their in-house IT infrastructure and public cloud services. Apart from delivering cost effectiveness, hybrid cloud also allows scalability and agility.

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Big Data changing the gaming industry

A fast growing gaming industry is a major attraction for Big Data companies. With the evolution of new gaming technologies such as virtual reality, it is giving birth to new data about user playing patterns and their psychology. Big Data […]

Seven Biggest Mobile Trends in Play Right Now

A recent mobile development trends and price benchmark report by ContractIQ has thrown light into some interesting trends in the mobile space. The sector is an extremely dynamic one and is constantly evolving thanks to innovations such as wearables and IoT.  The report catches observations and feedback from mobile development agencies, product engineering companies and mobile design companies.

Here are seven biggest mobile trends in play right now:

Startups are more gung-ho about mobile – Startups are more excited about mobile apps than enterprises. While startups account for 37% of the business for mobile development companies, […]

e-Learning: Today and Tomorrow

The e-Learning space continues to grow strongly and attract students and businesses to its stables. A recent Docebo report has predicted that “The worldwide revenues for e-learning should reach $51.5 billion by 2016.” This means tremendous opportunities are available in this space.

Another trend which is boosting the e-learning space is the adoption of mobile devices which allow students to take these courses anytime, anywhere at their convenience. So, what does this entail for the likes of e-learning firms, IDs and technology evangelists?

The long drawn detraction that the e-learning industry has seen about technology and […]

Transforming business models

The common point of discussion in the corporate board rooms mostly revolve around transformation.

For we have all realized that if we don’t transform the way we do business, we’re going to be extinct. It’s not about changing the way we do technology but changing the way we do business.

Organizations today, are becoming a part of a larger ecosystem with value chains getting integrated among businesses, enabling themselves to offer end-to-end services to their customers. Organizations are therefore orchestrating a digital ecosystem themselves. This enables them to offer multiple products and services, or put their […]

Tech stories of the week – Week 20, 2015

ContainerShip making infrastructure portable with Cloud 

ContainerShip, a disruptive startup, is helping many companies to deploy their containerized applications on different hosting services. Switching hosting providers is not an easy task. ContainerShip takes this work on their shoulders and helps developers feel comfortable about deployment of their application on cloud.

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Importance of big data in healthcare

Till a decade ago, there were no digital systems or technologies which could use patient data to diagnose diseases. Today with wearable devices, you get data which can provide actionable insights to the doctors or patients so that they […]