Bug Life Cycle

As software professionals, we are familiar with the word ‘bug’. It refers to the flaws in the program that make it to behave in ways it is not supposed. In this post, I have written about the bug life cycle.

What is a bug?

Before launching into the life cycle part, let us understand the word

Here are some simple definitions of Bug/Defect:

Bug is the fault or flaw in a program that causes it to behave abruptly. Bugs are ideally found by developers (during unit testing) or by Test Engineers (during testing phase).
In simple words, when there […]

Integrating SAP and SharePoint: Compelling business cases for CFOs

Before I get jump to talking about business cases for integrating SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, I wanted to share an interesting observation. Our team has worked with many CIOs helping them integrate SAP with SharePoint. Surprisingly though, the executive sponsors for most of these projects were CFOs. This means that the need for an SAP+SharePoint solution is not limited to CIOs alone. The business needs of CFOs are also effectively addressed with this technology marriage.

Now, let’s go ahead and explore some interesting business use cases for CFOs:

Approvals – The information regarding budgets and reports […]

Technology news from around the globe-Week 43, 2015

AWS now generating $7B in sales every year

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an impressive growth story. The cloud-computing service has generated $2.1B revenue during the third quarter of the year. Over the last four quarters, the company has generated almost $7B in sales. Interestingly, AWS has generated an operating income similar to Amazon’s entire e-commerce business.

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Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility

A recent study has revealed that companies are spending a major chunk of their IT budgets towards mobility. In fact, around 68% of CIOs have identified mobility as a critical part of success. […]

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Why customer segmentation is extremely important for SMEs?

Customer is key to success for any business. But which type of customers are we talking about? Organizations, which engage with customers, convert them and delight them through their product or service, survive and thrive among stiff competition. Lot of organizations set up internal systems to deliver quality output, focus on relation building activities and are ready to walk the extra mile to get and retain customers. All out efforts are spent to satisfy/delight existing customers and win references from them to increase business.

However, these efforts eat away a lot of bandwidth of senior […]

What is Azure StorSimple?

Azure StorSimple is a new way of keeping cloud data more secure and available. Before StorSimple, cloud users faced many challenges such as:

Low availability for data
Infrastructure cost
Slowing down web apps
Insufficient storage
Webserver performance

With the launch of StorSimple last year, things have become simpler for Azure users. The challenges listed above are a thing of the past.


StorSimple is an enterprise class hardware-storage array. It helps you to put data on the cloud. There are different types of data such as:

Data which is frequently used (Hot Data)
Data which is used but not very frequently
Data which is rarely […]