Technology Stories Everyone’s Excited About – Week 5, 2015

AWS leading the Cloud Race

The cloud race currently underway is being closely fought between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. However, Amazon seems to be winning this land grab of customers. The recent fourth quarter earnings by Amazon has revealed that AWS has over one million ‘active’ customers with close to 90% year-over-year for the fourth quarter. Active customers include those who have signed up for free accounts but does not include dormant ones.

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Big Data Changing the Approach towards Healthcare

Big Data is helping government organizations analyze costs, understand trends and […]

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The ‘Discovery’ Phase of Innovation

“As life plays along with its enormity and bliss, we must observe and soak all we can”

- From the justmadeupquotes diary

Discovery of the unspoken needs of the customer is the first step we need to adopt if we take the Innovation as a Service approach. In a training session on the subject by an industry expert, I was posed with a seemingly simple question – “How much portion of the time spent in the innovation process goes for discovery, ideation and implementation respectively?”

With some varied opinions springing up from the different attendees, we were […]

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The Best Technology Stories from the Week – Week 4, 2015

Cloud Computing has Eased the Life of Users

Till some years ago there were no app stores available. Upgrades were not automatic or with the simple push of a button. For access to the latest advancements in computing, users had to pay hefty fees for software. However, all that has changed now. The modern day applications like Google Docs, Evernote and Dropbox were all born in the web or the cloud. Today, we have to just go to app stores and download software at a fraction of the earlier costs.  The low costs and ease […]

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Agile Testing Helps Make Testing Visible

When we say agile, two terms comes to mind immediately – Extreme programming and Scrum. Extreme Programming is a software development method or framework that follows the agile values and principles. It has a specific set of practices to be followed.

Scrum is a project management framework which follows the agile values and principles. It also has specific set of practices to follow. So agile testing is a set of values and principles which helps in software development and project management.

Agile Testing

Call it another approach to testing. You can apply agile to any development method […]

What are the best use cases for smartwatches?

Going by the status quo, its pretty clear that smartwatches are leading the wearables baton. While tech giants, geeks and entrepreneurs are experimenting with smart ‘everything’ – glass, rings, suits and the likes – watches have clearly managed more consumer adoption. With Apple also offering its own Watch, it wouldn’t be long before they are a more common sight. Probably a cause of worry for all the Citizens and Tag Heuers of the World?

Jokes apart, IMHO, watches have found adoption because consumers are quite habitual to them. Like other wearables, the consumers aren’t expected […]