Technology stories handpicked for you – Week 17, 2015

Adobe launching cloud based document management service

Many top technology players are now jumping into different cloud based services. One of the hottest services in this domain is document management on cloud. Adobe is coming up with their document management service on cloud which can be accessed via mobile and will help push Adobe PDF. Adobe document cloud subscription starts at $14.99/month with Adobe creative subscribers given access to through Adobe Acrobat DC at no additional charge. It would be interesting to see the future of document management services in such a competitive business environment.

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DevOps a game changer in enterprise mobility

The boundaries between mobile app development, mobility management and mobile infrastructure is getting merged by the day. Until recently, the concept of management, security and infrastructure were dealt separately, completely uninvolved from the development process.

Modern mobility issues have given root to the concept of mobile DevOps.

The rise of mobile DevOps

“Mobile DevOps” – this sounds like a hot topic of discussion for today’s marketers.

‘Mobile’ has for some days been a hot technology. What’s more hotter is ‘DevOps’

You know what would be even hotter? Mobile DevOps! (Yes! pat self on back if you guessed right)

In reality, […]

Innovation: The Refine Phase

“I like you a lot but unfortunately you are not my (proto)-type”
- From the trueststoriesever diary
A book titled ‘Design Thinking’ by Tim Brown had a very memorable anecdote on prototype creation. In that, a designer quizzes a surgeon on the type of surgical equipment that is desired. As the surgeon explains that he needs something more like a pistol, another designer duct-tapes a duster to a marker to create a pistol-looking thing. This gets a positive nod from the surgeon and the rest pans out as a poster-boy for innovation success stories.

Refining the ideas […]

Technology stories that you must read – Week 16, 2015

Power of Cloud and SaaS for Enterprise Businesses

In today’s cloud enabled world, migrations from old storage systems to cloud is a good opportunity to impact business transformation, clean up content, and update/ improve information architecture of the organizations. SaaS-based Office 365 technology is going to be a threat for system integrators and managed service providers. This will happen because after migrating the data or system to the cloud these SI experts are no longer needed for upgrades — those will happen regularly in the background. This disruption brought on by cloud and SaaS isn’t […]

Technology stories that you must read – Week 15, 2015

Impact of Cloud on Businesses

The new generation of social/mobile SaaS applications are erasing the traditional distinctions between front-office and back-office activities. Few years ago, most of the CEOs were hesitant to move the departmental data on cloud and relied more on secure on-premise data storage. But the current generation of CEOs understand the benefit of cloud for businesses and have started migrating their critical and non-critical business processes on cloud. Cloud can drive new revenue streams, enhance customer loyalty, find and optimize world-class talent, transform organizations to meet new requirements and turn operational data […]