How to use Enterprise Social Collaboration to your company’s advantage

What is Enterprise Social Collaboration?

An organization should be able to integrate its enterprise social network platforms with its business systems and processes to call itself a company with social enterprise.

Enterprise Social Collaboration (ESC) often involve social networks and high-level communication technologies such as voice, mobile, chat to imbibe higher teamwork and information sharing, aiming for faster business outcomes. The recent research in this field shows, the business returns due to well-planned ESC initiatives are no longer difficult to find.

Why and how Enterprise Social Collaboration means business!

Latest research brings forth tangible business benefits that […]

Knowing more about XaaS, the cloud computing buzzword

Most organizations are looking to move to the cloud now. While many have not understood Cloud and its capabilities, they do understand the importance of this technology for their businesses. With the cloud landscape expanding fast, it offers immense growth opportunities for businesses. XaaS is the newest entrant to the cloud computing landscape.

XaaS, read as anything as a service or everything as a service, is a collective term to describe a new type of cloud service. One that combines SaaS, IaaS and PaaS – the current service models of cloud computing. Whether it is […]

Tech Digest – Week 34, 2014

Cloud computing jargon decoded

With cloud becoming a norm in businesses, it’s become important for non-IT professionals to understand it very well. If your enterprise is considering a move to the cloud, it is important to understand all the technical terms employed in cloud computing. See this as your first step towards cloud.

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Will Cosmos be Microsoft’s next Big Data service?

With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s renewed focus on data, the company seems to be giving Big Data services the numero uno status. Microsoft’s first commercial Big Data Service was HDInsight; the company’s Hadoop on […]

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Why are enterprise apps and the developer community running as parallel lines?

2014 can be called the Year of the Enterprise. With the explosion of the mobility movement and a positive reception of BYOD, it can be safely said that Enterprise apps today are as much, if not more, in demand as consumer apps. However there is a huge disparity in the demand for enterprise mobile apps and the developers who make these apps. A recent survey by Vision Mobile saw that only 16% of developers globally are developing Enterprise Mobile Apps despite the Enterprise market being more lucrative. According to this study 2 out of […]

Editable Mobile Apps with Hybrid Development Approach – Come Again?

For enterprises,mobile apps serve a variety of purposes –boosting enterprise productivity, improving operations, attracting new customers or improving customer experiences. When it comes to developing mobile apps, there are lot of theories, apprehensions, misconceptions and myths which sometimes make decision making more complex. There are many jargons like native apps, web apps, hybrid apps or choices like custom UI or template based UI – all such things can make things appear more complicated than reality.

From a business perspective, the requirements are usually very simple – businesses need mobile apps with highly customized user interface […]