Tech Stories making the rounds in Week 10, 2015

Cloud Computing ideal for startups

Most startups don’t have robust IT departments. While they understand the importance of IT, they tend to focus more on the core elements of their business owing to limited resources. This is a huge disadvantage for smaller companies compared to their more established peers. However, new cloud advancements are levelling the playing field and even smaller organizations have access to quality performance which is typically reserved for larger enterprises.

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Why SMBs should focus on Big Data?

Think about the over 30,000 emails that live in the inbox of working professionals. […]

Colors of Life at e-Zest

It’s raining colors at e-Zest. The festival of Holi saw different colours of e-Zest team members, quite literally this time! The celebrations began as early as yesterday evening as team members brought out different shades of gulaal (coloured powder used in Holi) and smeared it liberally upon each other. Work and fun continued today morning with e-Zestians celebrating Holi in full fervour.

Post the colors, team members thronged down to the restaurants to enjoy a sumptuous meal and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Festival celebrations are an integral part of the culture at e-Zest. It […]

e-Zest will exhibit its Enterprise Mobility competency at CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company , will showcase its enterprise mobility capabilities at CeBIT 2015. CeBIT is the world’s biggest Business IT and ICT event and will be held from March 16-20, 2015 at Hannover, Germany.

Mobility is one trend that has forced companies to think of systems accessible through any part of the world. e-Zest identified this early and has started building its services around enterprise mobility. Today company specializes in every stage of mobile projects from initial planning, conceptualization, prototyping, design development, testing, and analytics. It offers services for all leading […]

The Benefits of using ViewerJS

In our projects, one of the ad-hoc requirements that come in quite often is to display PDF files on a website. This sounds pretty easy in today’s web world with built-in PDF viewers in browsers with features such as ‘Zoom’, ‘Save’ and ‘Print’ which helps users save a file present on the server to his client side machine. From a developer perspective, it works well since HTML 5 tags allow us to open the PDF file directly on the browser (or even a small part in the browser).

It works great since it allows users […]

How to install S3cmd and command to use s3cmd

s3cmd is a command line utility used for creating s3 buckets, uploading, retrieving and managing data to Amazon s3 storage. Let’s see how to use install s3cmd and manage s3 buckets via command line in easy steps.

Follow the steps below to install S3cmd tool :

tar -xvzf s3cmd-1.5.0-alpha1.tar.gz
cd s3cmd-1.5.0-alpha1
python install
yum install python-magic
s3cmd –configure


1) To list all the buckets from s3

S3cmd ls

2) Create the bucket  

# s3cmd mb s3://priyaTest

Bucket ‘s3://priyaTest/’ created

3) To list the bucket content

# s3cmd ls s3://priyaTest/

2014-01-24 13:22        35   s3://priyaTest/S3put.txt

4) To put the single file into the s3

# s3cmd put S3put.txt […]