Best approach for Product Lifecycle Management

Turning PLM into business success
PLM is slowly becoming recognized as a credible innovation enabler. Until recently, PLM was practiced only by a handful of engineering departments of some companies. Today, many business leaders across industries see PLM as a necessary discipline for driving innovation, managing costs, improving pricing strategies and powering growth.

In product development projects, strong PLM capabilities make high growth possible. This can improve your product design, cut costs and lead time. Essentially, PLM is the process of managing product and product data along the entire lifecycle right from concept, design, to service […]

Find your passion and boost your profession

Many people today find themselves trapped in their jobs. Either they want to do something else or they think that their skills are not utilized properly. Some career management articles go as far to suggest that you can quit your job if you are not happy in it, but it is easier said than done. The reasons could be many:

Work life balance
Good salary
Easy Commute
Pension or retirement benefits

Thus, it is not easy to change jobs at the drop of a hat. According to me, there is really no such thing as a perfect job. No […]

How to be happy at your workplace?

Working at Google sounds like a dream job for many, thanks to the employee benefits that come with a job at the company. At other Fortune 500 companies as well, employers provide some of the best benefits and perks to their employees. At the same time, some non-standard benefits (benefits given in addition to salary and other perks) force employees to spend more time at work resulting in poor work-life balance. The point I am trying to make is that even the best profile may not really be the best fit for everyone.

According to me, […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 26, 2015

Trends in Cloud Strategy

Cloud Computing forms a key part of IT strategies across enterprises today. This year, many enterprise workloads will move to the cloud. The hybrid cloud computing model will also gain traction this year. The enterprise applications will also be cloud optimized.

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Spotify acquires a Data Analytics startup

To counter pressure from streaming music services such as Apple Music and Google Play music, Spotify acquired a small data analytics startup. The startup Seed Scientific used to work earlier with Beats Music, which was later absorbed by Apple. This move should presumably help […]

How cloud is impacting mobility?

The mobile revolution has completely shaken up the business ecosystem. A huge part of the success of the new-age mobile platforms goes to the cloud. Without a healthy collection of cloud-based services, the mobile world would have looked very different now. In fact, research has estimated that it will be a $50 Billion market by 2020.

Many factors are fuelling the rapid rise in mobile platforms. Increased mobile broadband facilities, new HTML5 technologies and the need for collaboration have all led to the growth of mobility. Mobile cloud computing makes sure that this ecosystem thrives […]