TECH DIGEST – Week 43, 2014

Cloud Computing Services Grow Increasingly Popular

Cloud computing is gaining momentum across enterprises of all sizes. A survey has revealed that 96% of partners are delivering IT–as-a-Service which involves managing data on-premise or offsite or though a public cloud. The survey also predicts that by 2017, two-thirds of channel partners will generate 25% revenue from IT-as-a-service. Cloud computing has two important sectors – productivity apps like email and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Enterprises are turning to trusted technology partners to help them deploy the cloud solutions most suited to their needs.

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Is Hadoop the future of […]

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Google Launches Google Fit App for Android Devices

Tech giant Google has launched a dedicated fitness app for Android devices called Google Fit. The app, using your device’s sensors, will capture all user activities such as walking, running and cycling throughout the day. Data from compatible devices such as Android Wear devices (smartwatches, glass) can also be fed to the app. Users can set goals for their performance while the app gives performance-based recommendations.

Google seems to have taken a very simple UI approach towards the Google Fit app. The idea is simple – Give users an overview of their health and fitness data right on […]

Time to ride the m-commerce wave is now

That the rise of the smartphones have changes the entire e-commerce and retail landscape is not a surprising discovery. What is interesting to note here is that just as e-commerce is experiencing its exponential growth today, mobile commerce is growing at an even faster rate. It is estimated that by 2018 sales from mobile devices will almost eclipse sales from e-commerce. Apart from being a platform for shopping on the go, mobile devices now have emerged as powerful research tools which influence buying decisions. Mobile devices direct almost 50% of digital traffic today and […]

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Scale to fit using Autolayout

In many programing scenarios we face difficulty using Autolayout. We sometimes want subviews in fixed bases or sometimes in the aspect ratio of parent view. Sometimes we want imageview having Aspect fit content mode. If the container size is unknown at runtime, we want the subview to respect the aspect ratios which are defined. Sometimes if container views aspect ratiois wider than subview, then subview must have parent view height. Sometimes they are required to be Centered Horizontal and Vertical.

Is there any way to achieve this with simplicity using Auto layout?

So the constraints I’ve […]

The 3 Avatars of Enterprise Mobility?

The mobility bug has well and truly bitten Enterprises worldwide. The appeal is obvious – the growing computing capacity of mobile devices has ensured that remote locations where data is produced can now become the place where this data is processed also. Enterprises gain because of:

The case for enterprise mobility now made the next question is what exactly are the areas where the enterprise should focus its mobility efforts on? Based on our experience of enterprises making the mobile move there are the following distinct types of enterprise mobility initiatives:

Making enterprise solution accessible from […]

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