Predictive analytics for driving business performance

This article explains and analyzes two fundamental business scenarios of how data and predictive analytics are used to drive business performance.

First! What Is Predictive Analytics?

Data that predicts the future is typically perceived to have come from a newfound channel of metrics, but the data is closer to you than you think. It’s not about finding new raw data, but using the existing data differently. With such large data sets coming in from various sources, organizations can very easily identify common patterns and build new data models. This enables them to predict future actions instead […]

What’s new in Cloud Computing?

This is a simple question, deserving a long answer!

While cloud computing is thriving to be adopted in many forms, it is also constantly adapting to changing needs of businesses and providers.

At the time when cloud computing market is rapidly evolving, bringing in new features, price cuts, better management and enhanced reliability, the industry is also evolving into niches delivering robust and innovative solutions.

What kind of business scenarios and benefits can we expect for customers and service providers from such emerging cloud standards? This article will deal with what’s new in public, private and hybrid […]

Enterprise applications need more ‘gray’ thinking

Before we jump to discuss the topic, let us know some fundamentals about “black and white” and “Gray” thinking and how they are different from each other!

Gray thinking or thinking gray, seems uncommon to most of today’s the business community, for obvious reasons. Many individuals and business leaders tend to think in “concrete” or “black and white”. This particularly applies to those thinkers who think about rules that always get predictable results.

Black and white thinking means there is just one way to do things and it is always the same. There are no exceptions […]

Is PHP mainstream?

History of PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server-side scripting language. The invention of PHP started sometime back in 1994 and was started by Rasmus Lerdorf. In 1997, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans rewrote the parser from scratch to create PHP version 3.

PHP is essentially a server-side programming language designed for web development. It is also used as a general purpose programming language.

Since every programming language comes with its own goods and bad, we have categorised the PHP story based on ‘Why PHP’ and ‘Why Not PHP’.

All said, the disadvantages of PHP […]

Important Aspects of Efficient Project Management

As we all know, the right mix of planning, monitoring and controlling can go a long way towards completing projects in the desired time and budget with predicted business outcomes.

But for a winning result, for team managers and leaders, there are some ABCs to be followed to achieve the consistency in the project.

Among them, we have identified a few very important aspects that outline the major differentiator on how your project would finish with some degree of success.

Closing the loop – Of all the best practices in project management, closing the loop is slowly […]