TECH DIGEST – Week 42, 2014

IBM, Microsoft come together for a Cloud Alliance

Microsoft and IBM have come together for a cloud alliance which means that both their clouds will contain elements of their respective enterprise software. Thanks to this arrangement, IBM’s middleware software can run in virtual machines on Azure cloud for development and deployment needs. The two tech giants are also collaborating to provide .NET runtimes and tooling in IBM’s Bluemix which is the company’s own PaaS offering.

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Government IT simply cannot ignore Big Data

Big Data might not have reached its full potential yet, but it is […]

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3D Printing Will Change the World as We Know it

3D printing is changing the world around us at a rapid face. Everything from – cars, houses, heck even food and human organs are being printed. We are also close to a point where we can print things from anywhere.

However, the real transformation from 3D printing lies far beyond merely printing stuff. The first indicators point to the fact that 3D printing will disrupt the manufacturing sector for good. With distributed manufacturing, we will be able to produce products close to the point of consumption. This will fundamenatlly alter supply chains and distribution networks.The […]

e-Zest to showcase its offerings in the inaugural CeBIT event in India

CeBIT – the world’s largest Business IT and ICT event – will be held for the first time in the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ Bengaluru from November 12-14, 2014. e-Zest, a global IT company headquartered in Pune, will be participating in the inaugural edition of CeBIT India.

With its aptly titled theme ‘New Perspectives in IT Business’, CeBIT India marks an exciting time for the Indian IT sector. The big focus areas of CeBIT India are Big Data, Social Business, Mobile and Cloud and participants can exhibit their services along with participation in knowledge conferences, […]

e-learning and Moodle

e-learning by definition means learning to use electronic media. In this new age of technology, it goes without saying that the use of computers is rampant and it has much hold on the minds of children and youngsters. E-Learning is a widely used word, which means learning through the use of CDs, videos/audios etc.

For a teacher it is difficult or rather impossible to keep a track of how much have his students studied and what has he really understood when it comes to “E-learning” or “online learning”? How does one really keep the track […]

The Gastronomic Path towards Charity

With the guiding force of OLIVZ, e-Zest recently undertook a great initiative for a social cause with a little fun twist. Instead of the regular staple lunch, e-Zest outsourced lip-smacking chicken and veg biryanis for it’s employees. The idea was to generate funds for charity through profits made by selling these biryanis for lunch.

And the participation sure didn’t disappoint! More than 150 employees participated to feast on sumptuous biryanis and contribute their bit towards a noble cause. e-Zestians generously contributed towards making this event, aptly called ‘Jumme ki Biryani’ (Friday Biryani), a grand success. […]

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