Luxury retails taps mobile

The digital revolution, the rise of the smartphone and other mobile devices have been paralleled by a steady rise in the demand of luxury goods. This rise has opened up the luxury market to a huge pool of potential customers who are waiting for an opportunity to pick up the trendiest merchandise from their favorite retailer without worrying about geographical boundaries.  Luxury retail thus can no longer afford to exist in isolation and has had to embrace e-commerce. However, can a web presence be enough to tap this wide market? Real time consumer demands for […]

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Prerequisite to understand mobile requirement completely

Mobile application testing usually needs variety of mobile devices with different capabilities, features and limitations. When it comes to mobile application, end-user always demands better user experience. Usability is an important issue for mobile application than web and Desktop.

Here are some points which will help you to understand the mobile App requirement and points to remember before going to test and develop the mobile app-

Mobile platform for developing the app  – Android/ iOS/ Windows Mobile/ Blackberry/ Symbian
Targeted iOS and Android versions
Any specific hardware requirements like memory, camera, CPUs etc.? If yes what are they?
Targeted screen […]

TECH DIGEST – Week 36, 2014

Consider Cloud-based EHR EEHREHR Solutions

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming Information Technology (IT) Management. Cloud computing enables business to grow rapidly, become more efficient and save costs by paying as per use. Cloud-based EHR solutions are offered as complete software packages delivered over the internet, called SaaS, obliterating the need to install and run applications on your own systems and through maintenance and support. While fear of losing control over data is a roadblock in cloud adoption, it actually gives you more control than a client-server EHR. Cloud providers offer great options for protecting your […]

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Apple Watch and the Future of Wearables

The recent Apple Event, on April 9, unveiled Apple Watch, which had been nicknamed as the iWatch.

A few years ago Steve Jobs had squeezed computing to fit into the pocket and now Tim Cook has squeezed it further to  a coin-sized watch, making computing really personal. Apple Watch can’t be used in isolation yet,  but even then it has definitely put a milestone in the journey of wearable technologies. Apple is not the first to introduce the smart watch but the way they have tied this piece of technology to design is going to […]

Big trends driving Big Data for 2014

In 2013 we saw all lot of infrastructure perspective given to Big Data within the enterprise market. What we are going to see in 2014 is a refocus on the use of this infrastructure and not the infrastructure itself. Many claim that 2013 was all about Big Data and cloud infrastructure where Big Data was done on bare metal infrastructure within the enterprise. There would be an evolution of this thought towards virtualized infrastructure in 2014.

In the last year enterprises learnt a lot about big data infrastructure that was new to the market. This […]