How to increase the effectiveness of testing process?

An organization spends enough money on testing to get good return on investment, customer satisfaction and ‘good will’. Hence the quality of testing directly impacts all these factors and here comes the pressure on the tester.

However, even after rigorous efforts if a bug is reported by the client post release of the tested product, it sets the tone of disappointment or pressure. And then the testers need to answer questions such as the following, “Why did we not find this bug?”, “Why was this usecase not tested?”, “Was our testing not sufficient enough to […]

Performance Support Systems: What does it solve for you?

Supporting on-job performance with the help of electronic tools is a proven technique to boost productivity. Inclusion of dedicated Performance Support Systems tackle two vital problems, assuming the system in place is efficient and is upgradeable with new content easily available.

The first problem is the one that arises from the need for the presence of an assistive platform which provides relevant information directly on the job. The problem here is the absence of such a platform for jobs that require possibly granular assistance at very intricate levels of work. The complexities of this cannot […]

Customer success is the key to SaaS Success

B2B SaaS products have been around for more than a decade now. Almost every day there is a new B2B SaaS product being launched in the market replacing all the competing products. Sky is the limit to grow SaaS products in the markets that they cater to. Fraction of the SaaS eco-system has been successful. Majority of mid-size and small SaaS products are eagerly waiting to cross the line of success. Now let us take a look at ‘what are the key aspects of SaaS businesses which need to be measured to arrive at […]

Tech Digest – Week 32, 2014

Cloud will change the way business is done by 2020

Cloud computing saves time and money, and it has immense potential to transform the way business is done. The percentage of small enterprises in the US using cloud computing is expected to double to 80% by 2020, a study has revealed. While currently it is employed more to reduce costs and improve efficiency, its adoption will change small and large businesses.

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Big Data disrupts corporate culture

Big Data can help businesses achieve the 360 degree view of customers, a much sought after insight. For businesses […]

In an alternate universe of mobile learning (m-learning)

Writing anything on the subject of mobile can be very tedious as mobile has almost become omnipresent in every aspect of our life. There are multitudes of applications of mobile technology in almost every sector of industry or even every aspect of personal life. There is no proper way to start or end the topic of mobile technology given its varied history and ever expanding future. Mobile technology has literally disrupted the human life and has radically changed the lifestyle of people across the globe.

Mobiles have penetrated nearly 75% of global population with 4.5 […]