TABit: The little mobile monster

Which phone do you own? The answer to that would only be valid a few months from now. Mobile devices are the party wear of this generation: you buy one for as long as it is ‘trendy’ and dispense it off as fast as it came in after the next advertisement is out. Every manufacturer out there knows that the time elapsed between the device going off the shelf and into the trash-can is diminishing. This is one scenario that TABit seeks to leverage.

The other is the rapid foray of tablet computers into the […]

How to become an efficient Tester?

A good tester is not the one who finds more bugs in testing. There are a few aspects to be considered if you really want to become an efficient tester. And here are some of the aspects discussed, that may help you in some way or the other.

Set your Testing priorities-

It is always best to test what is most important. Test the most critical parts of the application first rather than going into the minor details at the beginning. This will really ease your burden and pressure, as the most valuable bugs will be […]

From people to objects: The new world order of ‘Internet of Things’

‘Internet of Things’ seems like a simple term that sums up a very complex and increasingly interconnected world. The Internet of Things is a technological progression that will tell you how people use devices, much like how technology giants like Facebook and Google offer essential information on where people go to shop and play.

This spider of web has large implications on the many devices we use to interact with, every day. It is widely estimated that these devices connected to the internet will proliferate multiple-fold in next 10 years.

We can now imagine the numerous […]

Editable Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – The Next-Gen of Mobile Apps

Today, mobility has changed the way we do business. It is now more of a revolution than just a mere trend…There are roughly 120 million U.S. smartphone users and the global app economy which was worth $ 53Bn in 2012 is expected to rise to $ 143Bn in 2016. Today, people are using mobile devices to do their work, search information, make decisions, make purchases or even make donations. Recognizing this massively growing opportunity, it is not surprising that businesses are showing interest in mobile apps. Many organizations have also recognized the power and […]

How to increase the effectiveness of testing process?

An organization spends enough money on testing to get good return on investment, customer satisfaction and ‘good will’. Hence the quality of testing directly impacts all these factors and here comes the pressure on the tester.

However, even after rigorous efforts if a bug is reported by the client post release of the tested product, it sets the tone of disappointment or pressure. And then the testers need to answer questions such as the following, “Why did we not find this bug?”, “Why was this usecase not tested?”, “Was our testing not sufficient enough to […]