Tech stories making the rounds – Week 31, 2015

Alibaba will invest $1bn in Cloud Computing

Alibaba is upping its cloud game with a $1bn investment in this space. The move is aimed at emulating the growth of Amazon in the cloud computing sector. The Chinese e-commerce group is the leading cloud computing provider at home with its Aliyun enjoying a 30% market share. Alibaba has been aggressively pushing its cloud service outside China as well. The company has also built its first data centre in Silicon Valley to support its clients in the region.
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First steps towards Big Data Analytics

One of the […]

Are your mobile technology strengths evenly matched to win?

A giant with a mountainous left half and shriveled right, won’t stand a chance against the tiniest hurdles. The perfect experience for your precious prospects needs a balance of strengths that touches all areas of their pain points.

As technology evolves to create more and more options in both hardware and software for the CIOs, the onus of utilizing the perfect combinations falls on the ‘innovators’ or idea generators. Beyond making graphs jump on finger swipes and images fade in or out, the truly immersive experience spins the story from the customer’s world, showcasing the […]

Effective Communication for Change Management

Our company is poised towards a big growth phase. I began to think how I can assist in implementing transformative changes without disrupting the workflow for my team members. Strategic planning implementation is at the heart making change happen in any kind of organization. So, why should my organization want to embark on a strategic planning process and implementation?  Answer – I want to be one of those organizations, in which employees not only understand the mission and goals but play a key role in creating them as well. Considering this as my goal, I came to […]

Why is Documentation Important in Software Testing?

When we hear the term documentation, several questions arise in our mind:

What does it mean?
Why is it required?
What is its purpose?
Who will do it?
Are we going to share those documents with the clients? Is it necessary?
Is it a waste of time?

While these questions are natural, documentation is the most important and vital part of any project. Usually people don’t talk much about documentation in software testing because they do not want to waste time preparing documents. They want to spend all their time on the more functional aspects of their job. After all, software […]

Tech stories making the rounds – Week 30, 2015

Leverage the cloud for business benefits

Cloud computing has become completely mainstream and not just adopted by a few technology-savvy companies. It is transforming many businesses worldwide and holds the potential to transform your organization. For many companies, security is a huge challenge. A good cloud service provider actually boosts your security levels and protects your business from the latest threats. Efficient providers also make sure that you receive timely updates and maintain compliance with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.

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Big Data for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies deal with thousands of insurance claims every […]