Rise of Healthcare Experience 3.0

Healthcare Experience is one of the hot topics within the healthcare industry. This blog is my reflection on how HX is geared to take the healthcare experience to the next level. HX is all about disruption in the existing healthcare experience. I refer to it as Healthcare Experience 3.0 (HX 3.0) that revolves around building an experience for patients using three fundamental pillars of healthcare – Technology, Providers and Processes.

The factors that continually impact the rise of HX 3.0 are:

Continual demands for reducing errors in healthcare delivery
Generating measurable meaningful outcomes by collecting and sharing […]

Deployment of MongoDB Sharding

A recent project that I worked on required us to store millions of records along with low memory and processor usage. The system worked well for the first one million records. After that, the system started taking a lot of time to insert records, create data files and search records within a database. To solve this problem, we decided to implement MongoDB Sharding.

Sharding is the process of storing data/records on multiple machines. Sharding helps to cluster the database in horizontal scaling. Through sharding, we can add more machines, incorporate more data and read/ write […]

Tech stories handpicked for you -Week 34, 2015


Office 365 most popular cloud service

A recent report by identity and mobility management service firm Okta has revealed that Microsoft’s Office 365 is the most popular cloud service. According to the study, Office 365 trumps more than 4,000 of-the-shelf cloud-based products. The report is good news for Microsoft has CEO Satya Nadella has been focusing on mobile and cloud technologies for driving the company’s growth.

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MapR Hadoop-based big data platform now available at AWS Marketplace

MapR Technologies has now made its platform available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hadoop-based MapR distribution for big data processing […]

How to select a mobile app development partner/vendor?

A quick search on how to select a mobile app development partner will reveal tons of results. However, there are a few key aspects that you must evaluate to ensure that your product is in the right hands. Apart from the obvious ones, here are some pointers which will help you to select a mobile app development partner/vendor:

Governance model: A better structured governance model adds considerable overheads to the vendor. Most of the reviewers, approvers and higher managers are generally unbilled in vendor organizations. While comparing rates offered by vendors, see whether higher developer […]

UX- Roadmap for your mobile-first strategy

With growing mobile users and the wake of Responsive Web Design, many companies are starting to align themselves to mobile-first strategy optimized by User Experience. Companies thinking of desktop -first and mobile later are going to be deprived of customers trust in their business.

Today’s new-generation mobile users expect a common service on all platforms. They desire same functionalities on their mobile phones as they could access on the desktop. Brands failing to provide such experience may find themselves falling out of favour with customers. Through mobile first strategy, you can enhance the value and […]