Custom Events In Java

The Delegation Event Model is used in Java to handle events. AWT and Swing API provides many event listener and adapter classes to handle various type of events on GUI components. In this blog post, I’m writing about creating and handling non-UI and custom events in Java.

Non-UI and custom events are common in applications. We usually write the event handling code for such events in methods and mock the occurrence of an event as a method call. If the event handling code varies then we employ overloading or overriding or loose-coupling by providing many […]

Half Day Seminar on: Agile Development, Tools and Teams

Certified Scrum Master Stephen Forte will be presenting a half day seminar on Agile Development, Tools and Teams on Wednesday February 24th at the MCCIA in Pune. The event is brought to you free by e-Zest, MCCIA, and Telerik. Seats are limited, to sign up in advance, please email

The Program Details

One of the most popular Agile project management and development methods, Scrum is starting to be adopted at major corporations and on very large projects. After an introduction to the basics of Scrum like: project planning and estimation, the Scrum Master, team, product […]