Offline Avenues for the Energy Sector

Last time around we looked at offline avenues turning the tides in favor of charitable organizations. In this blog, I am back with the argument that the magic of offline will work for larger, commercial sectors as well. The energy sector, for instance, has tremendous learning and training needs. The sector employs thousands of skilled and unskilled workforce all around the globe. When we start widening our reach to be more inclusive of geographies and start breaking down our walls, the carrier erects a few walls of its own.

These are the walls that prevent […]

To create remote Azure VM with PowerShell (automation)

Create the VM with pre-configuration such as installed windows features and roles.

Step 1: Create new VM script:

You have to create a script to get new Azure VM ready with provided details. You need to then inject one script (custom script) with other script (Azure automation).

Let us view a script for creating new vm as follows:

Step 2: Inject script:
While creating Azure VM with GUI, put this as custom script

But with command line for automation, we need to put custom script in Azure storage that is blob (recommended). For injecting the script which is required for […]

Automating Your App Build Processes with Autobuilder

Sometime ago, I had written about Offline Avenues and making your SCORM Offline. That’s pretty powerful in itself. The benefits that are reaped from these offline technologies cannot be overstated.

There was a little challenge though.

It was mobile technology that enabled us to work offline, with virtually any form of content. It was the same technology that allowed us to have content running, in a portable manner with a great user experience. It was mobile technology that took time to get up and running. And that, was the challenge.

In the making-applications-offline-venture, I began seeing all […]

Tech news that’s exciting us – Week 35, 2015

Intel leads $100 million investment in OpenStack Company

Intel is betting big on the future of cloud services. The tech giant has led a $100 million funding in an OpenStack Company Mirantis. This investment will help Mirantis optimize its features and gain wider acceptance in the industry. In just five years, OpenStack has become one of the leading cloud platforms for global companies

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How Big Data helped HP organize its fleet of vehicles?

HP is a huge company with a fleet of around 6000 vehicles. If the company could drive efficiencies in the system, it […]

Rise of Healthcare Experience 3.0

Healthcare Experience is one of the hot topics within the healthcare industry. This blog is my reflection on how HX is geared to take the healthcare experience to the next level. HX is all about disruption in the existing healthcare experience. I refer to it as Healthcare Experience 3.0 (HX 3.0) that revolves around building an experience for patients using three fundamental pillars of healthcare – Technology, Providers and Processes.

The factors that continually impact the rise of HX 3.0 are:

Continual demands for reducing errors in healthcare delivery
Generating measurable meaningful outcomes by collecting and sharing […]